Sunday, February 08, 2009

Looking Back - Las Vegas


An image Stefan took while he and I were there. We spent 90% of our time in that hotel and it will always be dear to my heart. :)





When we walked past the Bellagio one evening as the fountains began with their beautiful music. Stefan took my hand and began to dance with me right on the packed sidewalk. Even though I was a bit shy to dance, he was absolutely romantic. (He even sang to me that night.) :)



Memoirs kept deep within our hearts, will never fade away. :)

One foggy evening


*Published in Stirring Magazine

The Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco. I remember taking this photo and how happy my heart felt to be beside one of my favorite bridges in the world. :)

And We Will Sing


An image I took beside a lake. You can see it here. :)

(After reading Pablo Neruda)

Dear one,

when did the moon in its absolute cease
the Autumn in your eye?

The luminescence that climbs from your heel
to your mane--the candela that strings the stars
along your spine? Are you not sea’s breast,
crushing language as I glide past
the span of your mouth?

(A true
lover admits to nothing,
but a fraction of thought
flanked by sand and stone.)

I want to sit with you in the early hours
of sea fog like swollen fruit raised--
a liquid ache for lichen-covered landscapes,
lost or far-off, soft-faced forms that lack
naught in grandeur, where

the sails of my translucent dress will circle
around you and rise, unbuttoning linen
like the fragility of skin on skin, pulled
close in clover and wine.

Oh Beautiful one, may I become the final steps
of your inundated palm--lulled by the contrast
of late night photography, until I have no
more breath.

May I join in its sweetness, seeking the poetry
of Neruda, deep in your distant shores.

Sea Glass


Some sea glass, pottery and other items I have collected along the seashore.



There is something so sexy watching a man shave (well, watching Stefan shave). I adore it so much. :) Anyway, I took that image when he was not watching. (Poor guy just cannot escape my camera!) ;)

Ok, time to say what is new with me...

I put my Mojo back up. I have decided not to redo Facebook, because I have way too much going on to be able to keep up with it. I do miss everyone over there, though I will not join again. I kept my Pro account with Flickr and paid for another year, so you can expect more images from me very soon. :)

I am trying to establish portfolios for some models and meeting up with them within the next few weeks. Sam (pictured below) is from New York and we will be shooting together. I will also have a beautiful female model in which I will reveal at a later time.




I am very excited and honored to be working with all the models I have been conversing with, and hope to create some great portfolios with the creativity of those models, and myself.

Stefan and I are doing very well and plan on moving within the next few months. I am incredibly happy to have him and grateful to be the one he gave his precious hand to. Stefan knows exactly how to be a man and is gentle at the same time. He is beautiful. :)

One thing I adore is how he wakes with such a smile on his face each morning. Annnnd, I so love pressing my face softly into the nape of his neck and breathing him in--the scent of his skin is so comforting to me. (I know, I know... I am such a romantic, but I like it!)

Sending my love to you all,

Photo of the Day


An image of mine won "Photo of the Day" again and I am very grateful.


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