Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Fiori in B&N

An image I shot and decided I adored in b/n. There is something so nostalgic within an image without color--a bit mysterious, definitely beautiful. :)

Welcome Spring

Spring is here and love is certainly in the air! May your "opening" of the season be absolutely beautiful!

In other news, our business is off to a wonderful start, we're moving in a week, (I am hoping to open a photography studio there), the cold winter has finally gone away, and each day, I love my husband more and more. What more could you ask for? ;)

-Cher :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Rhode Island

Here is a quick image I took of a hawk in Rhode Island. He was perched on a pier that had half fallen into the sea. I did not want to spook the poor creature too much and the sun was right behind him... that made it a bit hard to get a truly wonderful shot.

(I haven't finished working on it and really want to make the photo top notch. I do not care for it too much at the moment, but just got the full version of Photoshop CS4 and need to make time to look around the program. As soon as I do, I will throw this image in and see what I can do!) :)

On another note, I have no time to write precious little "lovelings" about my Stefan, so I will just add that the first song that plays here in my blog is exactly how he is and what he means to me. I love him and am so fortunate to have him as my husband. In fact, I will tell him how much I am in love with him in a few minutes. :)

Ok, off to start my day! Cya! :)

p.s. sorry for the ultra-quick posting, where my words seem to be everywhere, but I am in a hurry this morning. Perhaps, I will edit it some later today. Eh, probably not! Haha! ;)

Un bacio grande

Wow, what an exhausting week so far! Being business owners, Stefan and I have been busy as bees (and happily so). After we stopped in and helped out our employees, we came home. Not long after, I was off to the hospital for a class to teach as Stefan was taking care of his magazine and such. I think our day ended at around 9:30pm.

I am up again and going to wake my sweetheart in a moment! Sadly, I just realized we are out of coffee. :o The funny thing is, I cannot even see straight yet. Well, not funny, but funny. ;)

Anyway, I wanted to say thank you to a website for featuring a photography album of mine:


I found this sweet symbol in my email this morning and am very honored. The album is under "Travel" and titled. "A Photo Journey". Thank you for all your wonderful support, photography is a great passion of mine.


I have more news to share, but must get in the shower and go grab coffee somewhere, so we can begin our day on 2 feet! I will write more in here as soon as I can.

Have a beautiful day,

p.s. I also wanted to thank the kind people that leave comments here in my blog or send me an email stating they were here. I will come visit you sometime this week. :)

Friday, March 06, 2009

It is you...


It is you... by ♥ Colpo di fulmine ♥
(Cher Ferroggiaro - du Bois).

(Dedicated to my husband, Stefan.)

He said, "If I should pass from this life before you, the last image I desire to take with me is your beautiful face smiling into my eyes. The last breath I shall want to enter me is yours. You are all that is me, my completion lies within you. My Sweet, I am nothing without you..."

A perfect exchange; my heart for his, where we became ideal, absolute
—merged tenderly to one.

This is an image I shot of the Point Reyes Lighthouse in northern, Ca. If you get a chance, Google the area--it is absolutely gorgeous. :)

In other news, thanks to the 3000 or more people who link to my blog here, whether it be on their website, or on a blog that they run--it makes me smile. I truly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. And I will be working on getting my 4th book to the publisher by this summer. As you know, it was going to be bilingual, but I have decided to do major edits and publish it in it's entirety, in English.

Sorry that I have not been updating much, but Stefan and I have been very busy with projects and such.

On a closing note, nothing makes my heart smile more than falling asleep each night beside the one I love. :)


Photo of the Day & Flickr's Explore


I am honored to have my image chosen as "Photo of the Day". If I can make one person smile through my work, I have made my heart smile.

My work on Flickr:


(84 images of mine chosen for Flickr's EXPLORE)

I am grateful. I so love Flickr and all my friends over there.

And I must say, I am extremely happy to see the thousands of followers keeping up on my latest projects. It is a great accomplishment, as well as honor, to have such a huge fan base through-out the years.

Thank you for all you do,

Featured Album

An album of mine was featured again and I am extremely honored:

"Hi Cherilyn,

Congratulations on having your album featured on our homepage!"



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