Friday, May 20, 2011


Daylight fades—almost aqueous as we plan an evening to honor hands, to die in, expose ourselves, distance to love.

The sequence of breath: a sole strength un-tethered, softened as it seeks harvest that swells— fertile beneath the air.

And it is written on the map—white breast in the palm, a string of moisture on the brow, tongues that thicken to please.

It is certain, a void that becomes, in turn,
plentiful—the taste and scent of nectar still sweet on the lip.

Standing Before an Avalanche of Moments

There is a softness in love--in the tint
of it (and in the breeze). The heart takes
in this softness and distributes it evenly
throughout the season.

In the heart, sincerity can be quiet;
a sequence of heart beats, moments,
or lovers stilled by the flush of
the moon.

And on the perimeter, the heart weighs
much more than anyone could have imagined.
But inside, its warmth and fragility
thunder lightly--just enough to be heard.

And when the chest aches in expectation,
it becomes truth, and no amount of comfort
can direct its wants into white silhouettes
just hovering on the sidelines of a perfect

(One must be in the consommé of
things in order to merge well.)

There is a sweetness to vigor, just as
there is a fear of what may become.
Like the surge of the sea, when it moves
in and out from shore, its body wet
and cool, wave by wave.

It is enough.

And it is sufficient that the hand fits
exactly into the hand of another–-
the warmth alone could leave one
ignited between breaths.


       I never knew I loved winter.

In fact,
I must have mislaid photographs of white places
during the storm, the black and white of a
gazebo, or the distance between everything. And there
is a vertigo of song here—it is clever,

                         increasingly       December.
I am here again in the season; I carry a talisman,
a rosary, and a string-of-letters written
in white.

In the evenings the cluster of city lights rein in
these eyes— they clarify the low clouds that hang
from the sky like summered mist, but summer is not home.
And I think
I can see spring—an opening scene,
where mountains grow and fingers spread cool,
begging for release.

(I can still feel the laughter each
time I turn the soil.)

At times I lie like a lily without stem, speak to it
in its own Italian,
mouthing the words I long

to hear. At times, I fly like a gull into interstices.
And with no one looking, I fall deeper into the lungs of
Neruda, taste the thread— open dividers that held
for so        long.

And with little breath, I dribble language, hope to rise
from the
hard of
      a season I dislike,
       but still,
                    but still,
                         but still, the pearl of my spine
                                      will not be strung!

So tomorrow, I sleep like
the past [lovers] that knelt before it.
In spring I will sow a blossom, a yellowed daffodil
from bulb. It too will brighten this city, where
in this very moment, seems sheltered in white.

*Draft II

Monday, May 16, 2011

Costache Oana Georgiana - Emerging Magazine Top 100 International Models Competition

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Where Dreams Begin

"Gratitude is simply choosing to notice, and appreciate, all the good things that we experience in our daily lives. Whatever happens in your life, you can chose to be grateful." —Choosing-Life-My-Way

Make it Last Forever

A photograph I shot while visiting Rhode Island. The sunsets there were amazing.

Corinne Doherty, Emerging Magazine's newest contributor and competitor for our "Global Models For Charity Luxury Ball"

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Corinne's Emerging Magazine Page
Corinne's Facebook Fan Page

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What Do Models Chantel Elloway, Corinne Doherty, Elgin Mitchell and Other Models Have In Common?

Monday, May 09, 2011

Zombie Voodoo Fest 2012 - An Epic Apocalyptic World Event

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Life is a Gift

One thing I never understood was, why is something so valuable, more cherished than something free? Love is free. Nature is free. A smile is free. Should they not be more valuable? It is not how much something costs that makes it better, it is how it is given, and how you receive it.

I would rather have a smile or true love, than money any day. And that comes directly from my heart. Because anyone can build an empire, but an empire built with love can only grow warmer.

And from there, your riches can be seen. xo

Kemah Boardwalk

We spent yesterday in Kemah with our nephew Jason and his beautiful girlfriend, Sandra. What a fabulous time! We rode so many fun rides; including the roller coaster (in which my eyes remain closed during the entire ride, and the Drop Zone.

Ugh, that Drop Zone was scary, but a lot of fun! Sara, myself and Sandra rode first. While going up, we were amazed by the scene as day was slowly coming to an end--the evening sky dressed in the perfect blue and the sounds of summer spilling out against the horizon. We discussed how we would survive if we were to fly out--we came to the conclusion that we were simply out of luck! Just as we began to squirm, we dropped. I do not think I have ever held my eyes so tightly shut, but I was not about to look!

And the roller coaster was a bit bumpy, but was just enough to frighten me. I have no idea why I am such a chicken when it comes to coasters, but I really am working on getting better. The ride was fun. ;)

The roller coaster was a bit bumpy, but was just enough to frighten me. I have no idea why I am such a chicken when it comes to coasters, but I really am working on getting better. The ride was fun. ;)

We also rode the Ferris wheel, where Stefan and I kissed. ;)

(Above: "One Fall Evening at Kemah Boardwalk"- KDPhotoman)

After a few rides and the delicious daiquiris that we sipped, we had a late dinner inside Joe's Crab Shack, where Stefan and I shared dungeness crab nachos and chatted with everyone. I never thought I would enjoy anything that like "Crab Nachos", but they tasted fabulous! I sensed a hint of cream cheese within the mixture and simply must have that recipe! They definitely have become a quick favorite of mine.

We really had a great day, it felt good to just relax and smile. The food and drinks were was delightful, surrounded by great conversation and friends. The night was extremely beautiful along the water--the view was unforgettable.

We spent the night there and have arrived back home. I cannot wait to go back.



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