Sunday, August 30, 2009

Not just another day

Well, we did go back to Philadelphia yesterday. After we left the city, we went to Cape May. It is a seaside paradise. We spent the night there and went to the Wildwoods this morning.

All in all, we had a fun time this past week. Even though we actually had to go to Philadelphia for a project, in-between those times, we spent time together, not on a vacation, but just "because". To me, that alone is beautiful. I would have just taken his warm hand in mine. Instead, I received so much more.

Today is our wedding anniversary.

We never had time for a honeymoon. As soon as we were married, he had an Emmy Award event in Los Angeles and I headed to the east for some previous commitments. We finally joined together after 3 long months. During those months we spent practically every waking hour on the phone. He kept his phone in his pocket and me on speaker. I held my phone close to my heart, until we were together once more.

We fell asleep to the sounds of breathing, he sang to me on stage, mobile to mobile in front of a crowd. He said, "This song is for my wife." The room cheered as I cried silently for my husband's hand in mine. Poetry spilled onto the pages of blogs, photographs and in letters. No matter how far apart we were, we always caught the other if one would fall. We never lost our faith in love.

It was very hard for us to be apart, but we remained strong through it all.

As I stated, today is our wedding anniversary. I love my husband with all my heart and would marry him 10xs over. He is my best friend, without him I would be just "Cher".

Together we are, "Stefan and Cher". That is how we stand--
together we are beautiful.

Happy Anniversary, my love. Ti amo.


p.s. we came home to a package on the door. It was a delicious SugarPlums BerriLicious Cake from our friends at SugarPlums! We did not hesitate to sample a piece or two. It tasted so wonderful! A huge "thank you" to them! With that, a gift being designed by Gordana Gehlhausen of Project Runway for our anniversary, the Ellen Show and more, we feel so blessed.

The blessing of having each other is the biggest blessing of all.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Philadelphia & Atlantic City

Well, we are back from Philadelphia and may be heading right back there later this morning--more to do on the project. No worries, as long as I have my camera, I can manage. ;)

Wednesday, we spent the night in Atlantic City, walked the boardwalk, visited Trump Taj Mahal, salt water taffy shops, went to Ballys, worked with sponsors for the Emmy Awards suite, ate fudge and shot some photographs. Stefan and I were amazed at the seagulls as they flew above us in the night sky--pegged to the horizon, they were extremely beautiful.

Overall, we were extremely busy, but had a great time.

As we were leaving yesterday morning, it began to rain very hard. I did all I could to leave the hotel without getting wet. Funny, I got into the car, closed my umbrella, and as I turned to lay it on the backseat, a car drove by and pushed a large rain puddle onto my entire right side and into the vehicle! Haha, so much for that. ;)

We were going to go to Cape May yesterday, but with working on the 2009 Emmy Awards suite, we needed to get back to work. ;)

I will post more images later this evening. I just wanted to get a few quick photographs up for now.


p.s. I am grateful for all we have and have accomplished together. I so love my wonderful husband.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Project Runway's beautiful Gordana Gehlhausen

Spoke with Gordana Gehlhausen today on the phone and for our (Stefan and I) wedding anniversary, she is making me something special! I am sure it will be nothing, but fabulous!

Gordana Gehlhausen is such a wonderful and warm person. I truly enjoyed our conversation today and look forward to her beautiful fashions with Emerging Magazine at the 2009 Emmy Awards Suite in Beverly Hills in a few weeks. It is going to be a blast!

(Get your projects into this event if you have not already--it is a great opportunity to promote your merchandise to the media and celebrities!)

You can watch Gordana Gehlhausen on Project Runway Thursdays at 10 pm (starting August 20th.

See host Heidi Klum and mentor Tim Gunn, with judges Michael Kors and Nina Garcia

Another note:

Saw Emerging Magazine on Yahoo Finance this morning:

Laser Energetics' Dazer Laser(TM) Featured in Two Publications; Law Enforcement Technology and Emerging Magazine

* Press Release
* Source: Laser Energetics, Inc.
* On Tuesday August 25, 2009, 9:00 am EDT

Have a great day,

Friday, August 21, 2009

For the Love of Cooking: Let's Eat!

(Photo taken of their website)

OK, so I ran into (taste buds first) a delicious blog called, For The Love Of Cooking. I think I fell "jealously in love" with each and every recipe there! And not only does the food sound fabulous, but Pam's recipes are placed easily in front of you with such care, missing just two things,... you and your kitchen!

The site is so easy to navigate and is packed full of wonderfully creative ideas.
I quickly searched for the follow button, had a look around again at the amazing photographs, and here I am, posting the link for you!


Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Ellen Show: What an honor for us

Major morning talk show, The Ellen Degeneres Show, will be interviewing Emerging Magazine during the 2009 Emmy Awards Luxury Gifting Suites this year. We just received a call from their team. We have extended the invitation and are very excited to be meeting up with them during this event in Beverly Hills.

If you would like to know more about being a part of this event, please see my post below or contact us at

What a lovely honor, what a lovely woman Ellen is.



(Photographs I shot last season.)

I am so excited that Autumn is arriving!

On another note, I will be in Philadelphia in a few weeks. I am hoping to get some b&w street scenes while I am there. If so, I will gladly post a few here, but with the guy I am working for and how big the job is, who knows if I will ever have any extra time. Not only that, I should be paid at last 10,000 for the entire project--including hrs. Should be well worth the extra money and time I will put into it to get it off the ground. :)


Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Good morning, sweet world,

Funny, I almost became teary-eyed over the thought that autumn is on its way. As you all may know, it is my favorite time of year. Oh, I can sense it now--pumpkins, falling leaves, laughter, crisp breezes, colors everywhere, and the warm feeling of happiness.

(An image I shot near New York.)

That is all I have to add at the moment! :)

Have an awe-inspiring day,

Friday, August 14, 2009

A Mezzanote (... nebbia e luce)

(An image I shot in Rhode Island)

You slowly reach for my hand and I begin
to burn--all I ever needed, was you.

I added a "Follow Me" here on my blog, and I am contemplating a total redesign--I am looking to have 3 columns and such. Not sure when I will do this. :)


Photograph For a Lost Summer

(An image I shot somewhere in New York)

Summer was slipping away. The sun flickered in and out
of the scene like a neon light outside a hotel window,
its iridescence flickered the faces on and off,
showing a moments kiss, before dying.

I recall warm days that came without warning,
fiery conversations, and drives that seemed
to have come accompanied with perpetual smiles.

And stretching out past the shoulder, the trees
of the season swayed--a prompt into certainty,
like immutable dreams, or sleeping with ghosts.

Composed, it was beautiful.

*Draft I
A poem I am working on this morning. It is no where finished.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

See-saw, chocolate, and other needful things

(A photograph I shot at the Raddison Hotel.)

"This kind of moment is only on loan, and it won't be too long till it leaves us behind. And when it's all over, I want you to know that I was with you, when I had the night of my life."

-- Sook Yee Ong

Friday, August 07, 2009

The Business Of Paper Stars

I adore everything about this outfit. I also love the creativity that went into this project.

Seattle and other significant things

(An image of mine that I worked on in Adobe Design Premium CS4. I recommend it to anyone who has a creative mind.) :)

What a super busy week! A good thing is that we are going to be home this weekend. (I truly look forward to catching up on all sorts of things around here.)


(I shot this image the morning before we were married. It will always hold a warm place in my heart.)

We have our 1st year anniversary coming up. It has been quite a year indeed. I will write more on this, but want to make it a separate post when I finish my newest poem. ;) Earlier, he read to me something beautiful he is writing for me, and as always, he has my heart. What a nice night this is.

(I just glanced over at him, because he began to speak as I was writing this, and all I could do was smile. He spoke of our stocks in the stock market, but all I thought of was how much I love him. I really never heard what he said. He had a smile of his own, so it must have been something good. Yes, something good in the market!) :)

Moving on:

Soon we will be in Philadelphia for an upcoming project, a Beverly Hills mansion for the 2009 Emmys, a beautiful visit to Seattle, our 1st year anniversary, an interview with the CEO of Nolcha for Stefan's magazine, Emerging Magazine, where I will shoot the photographs, another with an actress, a trip down south, some other projects, a new addition, the tile in the entrance way complete, and so much more. It will be a busy close to summer,... and into the fall. Next year will be our best yet. We have so many wonderful plans.

OK, I have to express my love for Autumn and how I look forward to beautiful walks with my camera. It is my favorite time of year! Last year, Stefan and I gathered so many photographs on our walks--this year I plan on catching an early Autumn morning with fog. :) I love the fun of Halloween, candy, and the crispness in the air. I also enjoy Christmastime. I am sure it will be a great close to the year.


(My close friend, Mark Kiver's photograph. He is a true inspiration.)

Here is a link to my favorite photograph of his (3rd down from the left): Click here. He has not only been a longtime friend, but his talent is absolutely amazing.

I so look forward to going to Seattle for a visit in September. I look forward to the lights, walks through the city with Stefan, the gorgeous views, mountains, scents of seafood, romance, and all else the city has to offer. Not only those, but trips to the lodge, skiing, and photographs from every angle. If all goes well, it might be a big part of our future plans. ;)

Seattle has so much culture and is incredibly beautiful. It could never take the place of San Francisco, but it is a close 2nd.

Tonight, Stefan and I watched a movie and relaxed after work. It was very peaceful. Tomorrow? Well, I hope to sleep in, but that never really happens--we always seem to wake early anyway. ;)

Until later, enjoy your night.


"Measure yourself by your best moments, not by your worst. We are too prone to judge ourselves by our moments of despondence and depression."
--Robert Johnson

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Day's Finale

(An image I shot beside the sea)

May all your days end like this. May all the beautiful smiles you have collected through-out the day, gently kiss your cheek as you prepare yourself for slumber. May you close your eyes with the knowledge that you have kissed someone's heart in some way. And perhaps it will be a gesture that they, in return, do to another, and so on.

Until the entire world has such a sweet smile, planted perfectly upon the heart.

Good night, sweet world.

An Author's Notes in Eventide

(After reading "At Last" By, Elizabeth Akers Allen)

In his eyes I am grace –
a heart fashioned in the light
of the sun.
In his palm I am an angel, my wings:
white lace in rivers, weak in-between
days, flutter-less if only for the moment,
if only for the second it takes for my
walls to collapse beside him.
And I slip like summered fruit into his
giving fingers. Together, hand in hand,
we walk the hours caught between us.
His breath, my gravity as we move
from city to sand.
I am utterly on fire.
And I do not have to say it,
but there is no place that I would
rather be.
He cradles my sadness and all four horizons
shift into orchestrated blue--the wind,
a trumpet beneath the sky.
Excited in our coming, it draws him
to his knees. He whispers “You’re beautiful.”
Scattered seas unfasten and we wash away.

*Draft II
Image is one I shot in Rhode Island.

There are too many hours before dusk

(An image of mine)

You are what you love, and not what loves you back

All day I thought I was lonely, was wearing it like a weapon, but I realise that
I was just alone. This is the great distinction of my life, the thing that has had me reaching for door-frames as if the world was falling in on only me. This is what has ruined me.

I do not know how to reconcile these sides of me. I feel a dull sense of duty to the secrets I've pressed into people's open palms, ignoring the fact that they are fractions of me, not them. I want to tell all but I have less and less to say. I am writing a notebook's worth of small character sketches, but the book keeps getting smaller because I rip the pages out every other day and promise to start again.
I want to achieve something, prove to myself that I'm better than a drawer full of balled-up notes and mistreated notebooks. I will finish.
I will finish and fix it all.

things I am forgetting:

- how to talk to you
(I tried my hand at equations, explaining myself through maths, but I got stuck between the cosine and 'both sides must be equal'. I have tasted biology on the tip of your tongue and picked your physics out from between my teeth - chemistry was
why I left and how you stayed, a hairbrush and some gum and a messy bed.

My last hope is dear sweet Desdemona, constant Penelope, two ladies with water in their hair and one who threw herself from the battlements. My last hope is blank verse and comfortable iambic pentameter. My last hope is sibilance and the weight
of punctuation.)

- why I cared, and how, and how much
(nothing feels safe. nothing feels safe. nothing feels safe. nothing feels safe. nothing feels safe. nothing feels safe. nothing feels safe. nothing feels safe. nothing feels safe. nothing)

- why I wrote anything, ever
(that's it, that's all. I am no good)

- promises and bathroom floors
(you were smoking me, weren't you? between your yellow fingers. you just inhaled
and exhaled without saying a word)

-[I have always read 'angels' as 'angles' and I think this explains more than anything else could]

*I am not sure who wrote this, but I truly thought it was wonderfully descriptive.

Here is the link.


Happy Cows,...

... come from California.
(At least that is what the commercial says.) ;)

I obviously shot this image in California.

A Walk Through Winter

(An image I shot in Rhode Island)

Looking back (and dreaming of much cooler weather), I have to wonder what ever brought me to the state of R.I. I know my sister had just died and my heart felt extremely lost. But what I think really held me was the sea. The entire time I was there, I combed the beaches for sea glass, or simply sat and adored the scents and sounds that only the sea can bring forth.

(I miss my sister. For those who never knew, she was hit and killed by a truck as she stopped her car and stepped out. She went to rescue a pup who had just been hit by a car.)

(Moving on to prevent any sadness tonight.)

You know, I was 30 minutes from Boston, and although I told myself I would venture there for photographs, I never did go. I recall how much I wanted to go there when i was around 19. (I even named a black kitten I had found, "Boston").

(This is all randomness tonight.)

I guess I really do not have a lot to say at the moment. The weekend was peaceful--no getting lost in New Jersey, no working in the rain, and no long hours. No nothing. Just a simple weekend of cleaning and messing around. Did I use this weekend to catch up on email, messages, photos, poetry, or even to catch up on sleep? No. :)


p.s. a few things to mention quickly now that I think of it:

We are going to the 2009 Emmys. We will have a suite there. If you are an artist or designer and would like more information, please contact Emerging Magazine.

Also, AeroNautica International is accepting applications. Please see our website.



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