Friday, September 03, 2010

Rainy Days

When we were in DC a few weeks ago, it rained nonstop. Virginia Beach, rain. NYC, rain, rain. And when we are back in Virginia Beach on Monday, I am sure it will rain, because of Hurricane Earl . Luckily, I like the rain. ;)

Monday, August 30, 2010


♥.¸¸.•´¯`• ♥ •´¯`•.¸¸.♥
█░░ █▀█ █░█ █▀▀(¯`• ´¯)
█░░ █░█ █░█ █▀▀`• . , .•
▀▀▀ ▀▀▀ ░▀░ ▀▀▀ ¸. ¤´

Today is a very special day, it is my wedding anniversary. Stefan, I love everything about you: I love that you sing to me, make me laugh, hold my hand when we are walking, respect me, think that I am beautiful inside and out, poke my ears with your fingers (OK, not that!), and most of all, I love how you love me. May we have 1000 lifetimes together, Tesoro. -Cher ღ

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Best of the BEST in Interior Design!

Seeking a Top Interior Designer? A Lifestyle Expert? Well, look no further, because I know just the person! Barclay Fryery is the best of the best! I absolutely adore him! Contact Barclay to begin a better lifestyle today! A lifestyle of luxury that will leave your friends covetous!

About Barclay Fryery:

Turn on the TV or radio, pick up a newspaper or magazine, surf the net and you're likely to see Barclay Fryery. He gives new meaning to the term “Million Dollar Man.”

Fryery is a Greenwich, CT-based lifestyle expert, interior decorator, TV host, columnist, author. He has been named one of the top 125 designers in America by "House Beautiful" for four consecutive years. He has also been featured in "Elle Décor," "Maison Francaise..." He decorates for those who are truly chic and for those that want to be - he fusses over the way they dress, the way they decorate, the way they entertain, he teaches them how to “Indulge!”

Barclay was the winning designer on the USA Network's "House Wars" in 2003. You can also catch him as a guest expert on A&E's "Mansions, Monuments & Masterpieces." Fryery has also appeared on "Living it Up! with Ali & Jack", ABC Good Morning America, CBS - The Early Show, Weekend Today in NY-WNBC, Fox & Friends-Fox News Channel, The Flip Side and The Biz-CNNfn, Style Court-E!/Style, Everyday Elegance with Colin Cowie, and Style & Design with Leslie Mueller. Regarding his press appearances, Barclay says, "All my life I have wanted to share everything that's wonderful and help people become fabulous through my design work, radio, TV, print and of course, there's my Web site, he said.

Currently, he is shopping a TV show and book called "Indulge - Seven Ways to a Fabulous Life" - from his own experience he will inspire you to be the very best that you can be.

"There is simply NOTHING WORSE than seeing someone walk through the halls of their home not looking like they belong there," Fryery insists. In order to create a lifestyle for a client, he looks at the architecture of the home, how the client dresses, what is the flavor of the neighborhood and gives the client an elevation of their current style within their range. He gives them something they never, ever thought they wanted. Some of Fryery's design maxims include: "When in doubt, think symmetry;" "A balanced room is never a bad thing," "Try not to do too matchy-matchy- mix it up," and "Fashion inspires great interiors."

As a creative consultant for very special events (he actually plans them for you) his beat includes fashion shows, museums, auction houses, choice lunches and occasionally Wal-Mart by day; at night it's grand events, openings, galas et all. His professional lifestyle goal is to track down what's hip; what's not. When "House Beautiful" asked him his preferred window treatment, he responded, "Pencil-pleated silk draperies that pull up high, paired with petite bamboo blinds underneath." About his featured layout apartment, he said, "I think the secret of life is learning how to delegate. This place (his apartment) functions like a hotel, which keeps me free to focus on the next project."

In his lifestyle manifesto which introduces a compendium of his work, Fryery defines key style terms: "Style is a distinctive manner; glamour is an essence that encompasses excitement, beauty and charm; elegance is a manner of tasteful grace and refined luxury."

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Brayden Pierce

Actor Brayden Pierce of Melrose Place visiting Emerging Magazine. he has a fabulous personality.

Joslyn Pennywell

Joslyn Pennywell from America's Next Top Model visiting Emerging Magazine.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

They Say Wisdom is a Journey

I find it wrong for someone to speak negatively about a parent to their child. Unless the other parent abused, it is wrong. During a divorce, personal feelings can cloud judgment and wound the children--good memories fade.

You see, if the other parent feels wronged in some way, they hurt. And with that pain, they spread it to others by saying negative things. Funny, even when they make the other parent go to marriage counseling before they can divorce and it does not work, the pain turns to anger and they really go off the deep end; they try to keep the children and much more. If that person was so bad, why make them go to counseling? They do so because they do not think that person is bad at that time and truly want to save the relationship.

Really, it is so sad for the children involved. What is best for the children should be #1, not what is best for the parents.

My mother never spoke a negative word about my father and set those values within me; she wanted me to know him myself, and not from a one-sided story. I am grateful for her wisdom.

(I just saw a program about it and needed to speak my mind.) ;)

Monday, August 16, 2010

As Intended

"I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they're right, you believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together."

— Marilyn Monroe

The Weight of Sweetness

Notes Scattered Along the Trail

...and I will never forget how we loved those warm nights--not for the security of it all, but for the way they witnessed us; moving separately and arriving at one...slowly cooling beneath the summered moon.


This morning, I stretched across
the bed, my night gown moved
over my hips... I thought of

(Published in 2 zines)

The Orchard

As adults, we often feel unfulfilled. We feel the need to keep up with the latest trends and so much more--grasp all you can deep inside the orchard!

It is not always about the latest trends, where you go or who you know—accessories, accessories. Sometimes, it is about being unique, discovery, and holding tight to meaningful things. It is about standing out in a crowd of 100 people wearing Prada, adorning a fabulous unknown piece and a smile.

There is so much one can learn to live without and be truly happy--a child-like simplicity.

Like any uncharted territory

I have often wanted to share my heart with the world, to make an impact without uttering a word.

I photograph because I want to.

It is my comfort, my passion, my explanation, my connection, and my hope. I need it the way I need the sun, the breeze, the moon, the stars, the sea, good conversation, honesty, cappuccino, love and friendship.

May my need for these disappear, when my need to capture something beautiful does, for then I shall be truly lost to myself.

Like music, this Autumn inside of me

My favorite time of year. It is simply amazing how on the way to dying, somethings can be even more beautiful.


Autumn is here and I am super excited about capturing new photographs this year. I will capture seasonal photographs in Virginia Beach and the surrounding areas. I am confident I will have such fun doing so. There is so much history, covered bridges, changing of the leaves and of course, the sea! I will always love its beauty.

In other news:

It has been a long weekend and I am so glad it is finally over. Too much to talk about there, but my heart aches. I will skip the details, because it is something I prefer not to share. Life changes unexpectedly and when you can do nothing to change it, you have no choice, but to take it on face to face. Sometimes, it is not that easy. :)

Stefan and I are having a great time with this upcoming event--it is going to be fabulous! If you are in the Beverly Hills area, scroll down this page and check out the event! The event will be on Sep 11th and all for a wonderful charity. There will be 2 full free bars, celebrities, designers, models, media and more. Hope to see you there.

In other new:

Happy "early" Birthday! So much love to you two!

Hmm, what else...

I guess that is it for now, because I have lost my train of thought. :) Oh, I must tell you, Stefan and I are going salt water fishing! I simply cannot wait! I hope I catch a shark, so I can swing him around on the pier and scare the other fishermen! ;)


Sunday, August 15, 2010

There is nothing more heartbreaking than the sound of a mother's cry for her child.


For everyday for as long as I can remember you have always been there. You have held me when I've cried, made me laugh when I was sad, held my hand as I crossed so many streets. Times haven't always been the best but I always had you. It is because of you, I think, that I have even made it half as far as I have. There are so many words I would love to say to you, so many feelings I crave to express but even with a life's worth of time I could never tell it all to you. There are a few things I will tell you.

You have taught me to be strong.
You have shown me the difference between right and wrong.
You have told me that there is nothing to fear,
Yet when I was still afraid you stayed near.
I've never doubted that you care
And I'm more than grateful for all the years we still share.
My memory of love and fun is almost too long,
And our friendship is more beautiful tahn any song.

I loved you when I first heard your voice and I'll love you long after your voice is forever gone. Because even then, your words will carry on. You will always be in my heart, reminding me that I'm loved when I least feel that it is true. And you will always be in the back of my mind, warning me before I doing something bad. I wonder if you could ever understand what I mean when I say "I love you." But then I remember that you love me just as much. I love you mom.


Sunday, July 25, 2010

True Love

"This kind of moment is only on loan, and it won't be too long till it leaves us behind. And when it's all over, I want you to know that I was with you, when I had the night of my life."

Saturday, July 24, 2010


November born: Determined. Hopeless romantic. Industrious. Warm and compassionate. Patient and tolerant. Wise and witty. Very intelligent. Do or die attitude. Inquisitive and intuitive. Faithful friend. Sharp thinker. Emotional lover. Secretive. Active. You like to enjoy life to the fullest. Easy going. Attractive personality.

Hmmm... they forgot bratty, scared of bugs, trips UP the stairs, won't try any food that looks disgusting or has a disgusting name, loves the sea and the rain, and of course, a true chocolate addict! ;)


The Purity Design by ITELY HAIR FASHION. They gave me the entire collection to take home during an Emmy Award Event last year. The hairspray is my absolute favorite--feels soft in your hair, has a strong hold and a fresh clean scent. A plug for them for their kindness.

Trevor Donovan (90210)

Actor/model Trevor Donovan (90210) visiting Emerging Magazine. He is such an easy subject to photograph. Hopefully, when I see him again, I will have more time to get the shots I truly would like. Perhaps a photo shoot is in order.


Sunday, July 11, 2010

Life is not a promise, but a gift.

Relationships, with each one, you lose a part of yourself, and when I say relationships, I mean any sort from a relationship with your parents, to your friends, peers or your partner. Some take your trust, some faith, dreams, confidence or romanticism, and some take your heart, push and pull until it is molded into something that never seems quite the same.

All along, you never even realize it has happened; one day standing in front of the mirror you notice a change, a change from that young adult that had some much to believe in. I guess it is hard to notice such things when life keeps moving and one must constantly keep their head above water. But when you are finally in front of that mirror, you do not recognize yourself, because you are a completely different person.

*Note, it is not that we have allowed another to change us, it just moved that way--no matter the circumstances. And it is not that easy to get yourself back, one must be in the mix of things to truly relate.

So there you are in front of the mirror. You look deep into yourself trying to figure out how this all happened. Well, in case you were too busy to hold it all down, you had learned that trust is not always a good thing, romance can be void, confidence can deteriorate after awhile, and faith...well, faith is just something to grasp when you are left to dangle in the dark.

We all get tired, and trying to find who you once were is not as easy as it sounds; you have to start from scratch and let go of all you ever knew. You need to remember the reasons that you loved romance, know that confidence comes with loving yourself, even when you are told there is nothing to love, recall why trust is as important as love, and most of all, forget faith in anything else for the moment, but yourself. As long as it is inside you, you have no reason to search.

Not sure any of this makes sense, I am exhausted, ill with a cold and had been thinking about this while on a walk this evening. One thing I can definitely say, with most relationships, you give a part of yourself and you get a part in return, changing each other for the better... it is utterly beautiful.


Saturday, July 10, 2010


(My beautiful sister, Louisa Catharine Forsyth)

How can I manage to put to words what joy she has brought to my life? It is funny, our relationship reminds me of the movie, Beaches; we write and tell things to each other that we tell no one else, and we are so far away from each other right now, (Louisa is in Europe). But no matter how far we are, we are always there for one another.

I truly feel blessed to have Louisa as a friend, she has taken the empty space that my sister left inside when she passed away in autumn a few years ago. Louisa is not only my dear friend, but my sister at heart.

And even though I have been a bit under the weather this week with a cold, I wanted to place a few warm words here this evening.

I love her.

Monday, July 05, 2010


There is no good or bad when making love; you care for the person so much inside, just being with them makes your body tremble. And every part of you feels fantastic in the knowing that they truly care. Making love is more than sex; it is about being together, exploring, kissing and knowing each the one you love. Sometimes, the peak can just be simply holding each other tightly.

It does not matter who you were with before, whether they were wonderful at everything, or whether they were not. At that time, it is where you wanted to be. Everyone is different and that is what makes each and every one of us special.

And when you have finally found your one true love and can speak that aloud, one could never tell the other they are not good making love, because how can someone be "Bad" at kissing and touching the one they care for? Unless they do not truly care to please the other, indeed, it comes from the heart. Nothing else matters.

It is extremely sad, but "From the heart" is something some people may never know. Not everyone has been blessed with such a feeling. And not only the feeling, but having it in return.

In my heart, I wish so much for everyone to experience the joy at some point in their life.

On another note, my husband once told me that "The Most Beautiful Girl in the World" had to have been written about me. I decided to make it my first song for a while, so we all know that even with flaws, someone out there will see the beauty inside.

Good night.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Late Night Talk With the Loyal Moon

... and there is a light on

"It is said that bridges connect one shore to the other. But it is not only this what they connect. Other bridges connect one heart to the other. These bridges are called "love"."

(Image I took of the Golden Gate Bridge, with a quote from someone I once knew.)

Sometimes we break at the wrong times. It may be from many things--especially pressure; pressure whether anyone would see tomorrow, an exam, family, life, consequences, love, our careers, and minor things. But we are all much stronger than we think.

When someone is hurting, you stop all time and space--make the entire universe pause and step up to the problem with your soul. Reach your hands out. It is a real small world, getting from one place to another is just a matter of hours.

Running for all the wrong reasons, and trying to find your way back is where you may find yourself. It is alright, really, no one is perfect. In fact, I recall something someone once said:

Perfection of the imperfection

"That name matched completely with what I think. I am not perfect at all, as I don't think perfection exists in this world. There can be good things, or adequate or inadequate. But not perfect, as it is impossible to cover all situations, or to not to have things we need to learn.

As I am not perfect, I cannot ask anyone else for perfection.
So, ... here comes that I accept imperfections.

And then comes love:

It is beautiful to love other's "perfections", or nice things. But that's not all. There are these imperfections. Love really comes, when even these imperfections are loved. We all have parts in our personalities, that we don't like so much. That we might like to improve. Quite probably, these are our imperfections. There's nothing more beautiful than the help of another to overcome them with Love.

Lots of love.

And it is here, in this effort for love, where perfection comes, as there is really one perfect thing: love,... perfection of the imperfection. Thanks to our imperfections, we fight more for love, finding it really deep. And finding the meaning of 'forever'

Indeed, beautiful words.

And you see, there is a heart here, it may be flawed, but the bridge is still intact. It is easy, just walk over to the other side and step in. The door is open and the light is on.

... it is indeed, your light.

Yesterday does not matter. Today is what is important.


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

If Tomorrow Never Comes

A Note on Devotion

Without hesitation, I would slip
into the depths of my lover and rake
the curve of his spine in adoration.

And with ardent movement, tongue
pearls against his insides.

NYC Rain

(A photograph I shot in New York a few summers ago)

We went to NYC yesterday for a business meeting with the magazine. I had decided to skip the meeting and hung out at the library on 52nd Street and Madison (I think that is the area it is in)and relaxed. Stefan met up with me a bit after that. During this time, it had begun to rain quite heavily. All cabs (as you can understand) were busy, so we decided to walk it to Chelsea Piers. Yikes, it was quite the walk in the rain, and wouldn't it figure...I had on a light pink blouse and black underclothing (I was pressed for time and had my sports coat, so figured it would be OK, since it was not very visible).

Well, being soaked with rain was not something I had counted on! Yes, I walked all those blocks in NYC with a see through blouse. I left my coat, because it was humid, so I had no covering. By the time I was halfway through, I had given up and did not care where I might find Walgreen's, to pick up an umbrella. Stefan just laughed! Gotta love him. ;)

"Eh", I thought, "I never wear revealing outfits out of modesty and my own tastes, so I guess it will not hurt this one time. I will just try not to look into anyone's eyes as I pass them by!" I had wet hair stuck to my face, a soaked blouse, it was humid and I looked like a drowned rat! Nonetheless, I was in NYC! :)

Oh, before all that, I decided to do a study, since so many say New Yorker's are not friendly; I smiled at almost everyone that passed by, to see if the returned the smile. Some did and some looked at me as if I were crazy. All in all, New York folk are very kind people. I love the city!

We did a lot of walking yesterday and enjoyed so many neighborhoods...what a beautiful place to be. And if you ever get a chance, visit Chelsea Piers, Stefan and I go often and really enjoy our time there.

NYC...interesting day, indeed. I wish I had brought my camera, because as I sat there in front of the library, the rain, taxi cabs, and people rushing with (and without) umbrellas, were simply breathtaking. Wide-eyed, I thought of all the ways I might have captured them.

(Sorry for the rushed post--I am multi-tasking!) xo

Wednesday, June 02, 2010


I shot this photograph in Carmel, California. I am still working on it, but wanted to post something with the sea this evening. The sea moves me in a way that nothing else ever could--it is in my blood.

I tend to see everything as a potential photograph--no matter what it is. I hope to bring new life to so many things we seem to take for granted.

I have a lot to write, but will do so in the morning. xoxo

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Notes Scattered Along the Trail

I spent the better part of the day working on photographs. I sit here now, looking at each moment from somewhere above. I feel exhausted, but cannot sleep, although my lids are slipping.

Fascinated with nothing in particular, my body and mind are almost moving separately, as if not recalling how to be absolute, as if completely disconnected with nothing left to make them true—a gap where a heart remains, longing to blend again.

And and even if I identifed this feeling, feelings swell and subside, absorbing with distance and nebula, the way movement slows to nothing, where everything tastes like poetry, but words cannot be found.

In a few moments I will be making my way to bed, draping myself in a down comforter. I will blend into the white space that takes place of being awake—with the moon on my back, my entire being will become one again, during the sleep between dreams.

Like an English Summer Rain

some women master mirrors
in gas stations and motel rooms,
learn to get by
when july deepens fastbreath
or uncertain hands.

they count tips in denny's,
lying themselves into poetry,
blending into the pavement
in pigeon shit gray—
elegy clinging to pores
like perspiration.

the ashtray girls, their bodies
tree stumps in mud, fashioned
in the light of sour milk
and insult.

they buy french sleepers to weep in,
whisper abandonment, carry
love light, like a wafer
on the tongue.

they pick up pennies, study them
for signs of age, see months become
smoke in still rooms along
the back streets of eden.
ladies, hardened to glass,
they lose children in supermarkets,
—if sang to
they would splinter.

they will sink into the cold,
minutes becoming urgent, where everything
will be counted like meter money,
like days that pass
with rain and nothingness.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

End of Day

(A photograph I shot in Cape May last summer.)

What a long day for some reason, I can barely keep my eyes open. I will just make this short and sweet. :)

There is so much I want to add tonight, like the fact that I watched the movie Julie/Julia (which is probably titled wrong, because I am much too tired to recall)and absolutely adored it. I am not truly a fan of Julia Childs, nor am I not... I have never thought about it truly.

Nonetheless, the movie has such strong points that it brought tears of joy, smiles and more while watching. I will emphasize on that at a later date.

Also, I will have to write a few letters that need to go out, in the morning. My email will not open, nor Facebook at the moment. For some odd reason, my internet is going very slow, and it has me even sleepier as I watch Firefox try its best to show me what I want. I simply gave up.

Even the music here in my blog is going on and off. I hear ..."you're lucky star, your singing satellite" and the it goes quiet a moment. I am sure all will be better by morning.

Been feeling extremely romantic today. <--Random thought.

Took a trip to the Mediterranean by making bite-sized falafels (a blend of chickpeas, fava beans and Arabic herbs and spices) hummus and lettuce for dinner tonight. Stefan had me try one a few years ago and I fell in love.

They are so delicious. In fact, after we left the Rockefeller Plaza in NYC during our trip in February, we bought some from a street vendor. Mine was a bit dry, nothing like the ones we make at home, but delicious nonetheless. The wait can be long when ordering out, but the ingredients are fresh and the taste is worth waiting for. Being Italian, I still love the foods, but never mind stepping out of the ordinary.

By the way, I can never pronounce them and do so with an "R"..."Farfalla". Funny, but no one minds...they just laugh. ;)

We planted a flowering plum tree last weekend. I am so in love with that tree--extremely delicate and beautiful.

I look out at it every day, just to see how far it has grown. ;) We also bought some roses, one is a climbing rose bush. I adore the climbing roses the most and cannot wait to see how beautiful it becomes.

I have so much fun looking at all the flowers and trees the stores have to offer and wish to buy some tall daisies soon. I love how they make my heart feel.

I cut a few pink peonies, before Stefan moved some of them from beside the garage, to the front yard. I placed them in a vase in the kitchen window, next to some vine clippings that I am trying to propagate. They make me smile every time I see them. I cannot believe how large they get. And the scent is fabulous.

By the way, I love to propagate. I bought a tropical plant the other day that was dying...I wanted to try and save him. At first, I cut a piece of the plant at each node and placed the eye horizontally just above the surface of the soil. That clipping did not make it, but the other has--I placed the stalk directly in the soil at a vertical position, watered it and gave it some sun. So far, he is doing well. I will keep my fingers crossed.

Moving on:

I am writing a new poem. I think it will be my best yet. We will see. ;)

I have tons of photographs to work on and post. I still have photographs from our trip to Texas, trip to NYC, Beverly Hills (The Emmy Suite for Emerging Magazine) and more.

Michael (my cat) has decided he wants to be an outside cat and has gone missing once more. I miss him very much. I miss his beautiful blue eyes. If you recall last time, he was gone a few months, but came home tattered and torn. I fixed him up and he is gone again.

I found him when he was about 3 months old left out in the rain. I took him in and gave him all the love I had. Maybe he will come back.

I will write more later, because I am, extremely exhausted.

Sweet dreams,

Monday, May 24, 2010

Springtime With Father

We saddled up before hint of sunrise stretched against
the bitter cold of the California morning. Fog lifted from
the mouths of the horses, the trampled soil, as hard as frost.

With buttoned coats, we rode toward Sonoma, our horses
breaking through frozen puddles along the trail. It was winter,
but the air was crisp with scents of lupine and sweet clover—
each an exquisite reminder that spring had come to the north.

We headed up to the hills treated with open splendor—a world
away from the high-strung urban development of San Francisco.
Frost rested across an open field, above us, an unbending sky,
its deep blue warmed by first sun of morning.

Our family took the ride each Sunday, father, simple in dress,
serene in countenance, leading the pack up to where mudducks
and mountain top meet. Later that night we sat dimly, sipping
cocoa as father told stories. We laughed at tales, unable to
see what the future would bring; father would never return.

I go up the mountain alone now, a pocket full of quiet memoirs
beneath a shattered sky—days when I knew nothing, but what
he taught me, days when I never had to feel alone.

Stirring Winter to Wine

Thursday, May 20, 2010


So much to say, but nothing really comes out.

Language tangled on the tongue; it moves slightly, just enough to push out a subtle sigh, but never truly amounts to much. Where words get in the way and you cannot step through the insignificant to get to the tripping over the stones you had carefully placed in the garden..


A likely subject in homes, coffee shops, classrooms, studios—anywhere actually. Where do they go? I say this and mean, our deepest dreams? That picture perfect photograph inside one's own mind...contemplating, but never really moving--that one moment of silence before it all rushes on. Perhaps, that inner voice that slowly begins to fade shortly after the photograph burns. What are we left with?

I truly do not have the answer. I do know that life takes over and becomes stronger as it pushes you through your routine, rarely leaving you time to follow anything, but the long track of receipts from bill payments. Life will surely subside now and again—just enough for you to regain your footing, recall what it was you had longed after, and give you some time to break a small piece of it onto your plate. From there, you feel a surge of hope as repetition kicks in.

Now that does not mean you cannot pursue your dream, if you are one of the lucky ones...the ones that can simply take as much time as they prefer to begin their dream, without worrying much about anything else.

Then we have the people that juggle it all at once; they have every reason in the world to feel nothing, but absolute, because even though it is a heavy load to bear, it is extremely worth it.

Not sure where I fit anymore. I think I have been all three at one point of my life or another. Now? Well, I just pursue happiness and inner peace. Oddly enough, I know they must come from within—not from the outside.

The fact is that anyone can dream, that is the simple part. It is actually being consistent and finishing what you have started that becomes the true quest. If you have found your dream, hold it dearly.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

There are Too Many Hours Before Dawn

We should adore people even more for all the little things, and sometimes we do. Yet, when someone makes a mistake or has faults, those are what seem to get noticed enough to speak about, even get upset about. If you notice something small and sweet that someone has done for you, let them know, what do you have to lose? You may make their heart shine even brighter.

And please remember, not everyone does things for praise, sometimes they just do them.


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Summer in Cape May

We should think about being our own best friend, love ourselves, be graceful and kind, less critical and more aware. It is then that, we truly have something solid to give to others. I hope you all have a fabulous week! —Cher ♥

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

NYC - Valentine's Trip

We had such a great time in New York City! I have always adored going there--everything is always so alive. It is funny, but as soon as you enter the city, you can feel your hopes and dreams come to life, as well. Such things bring a smile to my heart.

I am not sure, but I think I have at least 200 photographs from our trip, but just have not had time to go through them all. As soon as I do, I will post more.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Have Your Feet Sexy in Sandals This Summer!

As most of you know, I have been under the weather all week with a nasty cold. I have kept warm (as some of you have asked), takings cold medications and trying to relax. Also, I have been wearing the wonderful socks each night that were sent to me by Cupron UK!

Being ill is no fun at all! To make things worse, winter can dry out feet, as it had to one small area on the bottom of my own foot. Since Cupron UK sent me a pair of their fabulous socks (they sent other items, as well), the dryness is completely gone! I was beginning to wonder what would make them soften again...I was buffing that area, while in the bath and applying lotion each night, nothing seemed to work--not even the old Vaseline remedy!

Well, thanks to Cupron UK and their copper-infused technology, my feet are soft, moisturized and will look sensational this summer in sandals! I love them for life!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Press Coverage :)

This is fabulous! I am grateful to see an article on me here.

Also, if you have a moment, this site picked me up... please vote? Thanks!

Friday, April 16, 2010

I am so grateful

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My new website is finished!

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Monday, April 12, 2010

True Love

May your heart feel true happiness...everyone deserves that. True love is always worth frighting for. True love is worth every up and down...every second you endure. I say this because there is nothing else like it-true love is all and everything it supposed to be, and it is incredibly beautiful.

Believe it. :)

.`·.¸.·, The sun rises
¸.·´¸.·´¨) ¸.·*¨) and sets with
(¸.·´ (¸.·´ .·´ ¸¸.·¨¯`) you ♥


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