Sunday, April 20, 2008

End of Day

Now that the most important things are finished, and the kindest words have been spoken for the day,...

... I am here with a final thought:

(Tesoro mio)

(... and it has my smile.)

Good night! :)

Never to be Forgotten

The Pope leaves today. I just need to say how grateful I am that he came. It is truly an honor to have him in America. I cannot but wish him so many smiles on his way home. May he have a safe and joyous trip.


(Image from EWTN,... an amazing station that covers such wonderful stories, as well as, brightens the world with peaceful programs and more.)

Thank you for your coverage. God Bless us all.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Pope Benedict XVI

Pope Benedict XVI is in America tonight. (Not sure where I am going with all this. Just thoughts, I suppose.)

The Pope--The bishop of Rome, successor of St. Peter, chief of the whole Church, and the Vicar of Christ on earth.


This is my favorite image of him. Not sure who the photographer was, but it was taken the day he was announced his new position. I like it so much, because of how his heart was seen through the light in his eyes. And, I like how he waves to all people. I just do--it is such a kind wave. He waves, almost as if he were playing the precious piano for all, puts his hands together, waves again, and then, he waves with both hands apart. I know it by heart! :)

(Odd how I notice such things. I just see small things, like the way he waves, or the sounds of my boyfriend's shoes on the hardwood floor, as beautiful. They bring SUCH smiles to my face. I am just that way, I guess.)

Going back first,... I watched a recorded John Paul II being visited after his death by millions of people from all around the world. Believers shouting "Saint", shedding tears, coming to pay last respects in St. Peter's Square to a great man.

I have seen this on many occasions. It brings tears each time. As well, the smile on Pope Benedict's face, even during such a time, brings tears too. They are tears from separate emotions, but from the heart nonetheless.

Not sure how I felt when I first found out he was to be the Pope after John Paul II passed away. It was nothing against him at all. I guess I felt that no one could replace such an all mighty man. I truly loved Pope John Paul II. So, I was hoping our new Pope could show us the same ("insert the word I cannot find here").

Now? Well, I truly believe in him. He is amazing. And, not only is he the Pope, but he is a writer and pianist. He also enjoys Mozart! There is so many wonderful things he has done in his life. Here is a quick biography of his life:

He is an intellectual, warm-hearted, and if he has not already, will win the hearts of all mankind. I have faith in this.

I really would like to go to his mass on Thursday, but I cannot. I will be there in soul, though. I wish him such strength and Peace during all he does here in America for these next days, as well as, through-out his life.

One thing that touches my heart: he says he is ashamed at some things happening in the Catholic churches of America. Some who were abused, say he should be ashamed. That upsets me very much. How can people say such things about him? Pope Benedict XVI is who he is, but he cannot take blame for other's actions. He does so out of his pure heart. But it is not anyone's fault but the ones who have committed these awful actions.

We trust, and from within this trust we give, we sometimes find that we should never have. But that is how we all learn. It is as much a part of Life as love or hate. And, everyone deserves trust at least once.

Deep down inside, above all we are, ... we are human.

Moving on,...

The ones who are able to go to his mass, are indeed fortunate. I know they will walk away with more than just Peace. He is going to do so many good things in this world. And I know he deserves all the love and respect he has, and will have along his way to place faith into the hearts of the ones who have not yet begun to believe.

A very Happy Birthday to him.

One this I really wish for tonight? I wish I could hug his shame away.

Sunday, April 13, 2008



... until the end of time, there will be language barriers. There will be heart to heart words that could never be written. Sometimes, words are just not enough.

So, in soul, one must express all unwritten. It is within the kiss, a hug from behind, or in the knowing that, even without words, all can glow. Everything can be felt, like a single tear of joy softly falling, beneath the light of the moon.

... and it is incredibly beautiful.

Un momento di felicità


Magic of Life / Magia de la Vida


... you fill my heart with so many smiles.

My new apartment/flat

(Taken with my mobile phone, so forgive the quality) :)




That is all you can see, because I would have to rotate the rest! ... and, well, I am SO sleepy!! :)

Ojalá (que),...

... mañana es tranquila. Mi amor del corazón se besar mi corazón. Y la sensación de llevar la paz a mi día. :)


(Él es todo lo que he necesitado. Él es precioso para mí.)

(I am learning Spanish. Please forgive my mistakes!) :)

A veces, la vida puede lanzar duras las cosas a tu manera. Cuando esto sucede, tú puede hacer una de dos cosas, ... Puede derrumbarse, o puede levantarse y luchar por su vida, el amor, y el futuro. ¿Qué haría tú?

Yo nunca derrumbarse debajo de la incertidumbre, debilidad, y el miedo. Tengo tanto amor dentro de mí. Tengo tanto amor a mi lado. Estoy nunca solo. :)

Hay fuerza en números. Hay fortaleza en la fe.

Dentro de mi corazón, me siento feliz.

The City Was Warm


The city was warm as I watched the trees pass outside the window from the backseat. We were almost there and I was mentally exhausted. The sign said "Pine Lawn" as we were now in Long Island. I felt sick. I stepped out of the car and I saw the look on her son's face; what sadness,... he looked lost as if he were left all alone in this world.

I leaned against the car in the warm sun. A feeling of emptiness set in and a tear fell.The breeze seemed to blow my hair wildly as I stared into the thick air. We followed the back of the hearse. I could see her son's hand prints upon the back window as if he were begging her not to leave him. I then watched them carry the body to the grave site.

I lead the way with flowers in my hand. There she was all wrapped up in a pretty box. I took a seat as I watched her son put his hand upon the casket and cry. He seemed to be caressing her through the wood. The look in his eyes brought me to tears.

I walked away. It felt like miles, (although it couldn't of been) until I found a bench far from the madness. I sat down, put my head in my hands and cried.

After what seemed like hours, I could here someone saying in a soft voice, "Come Cherilyn let's go." I felt a touch upon my shoulder. I guess it was over. I walked back to the car, blew a kiss into the wind, and said, "Ciao La Bella". I saw a flower that must of fallen. I picked it up. (It was from her arrangement.) I caressed my cheek with it, took a deep breathe of it in, and handed it to her son. I said, "I think you should keep this."

He held it up to his face, then close to his heart, as he took one last look over the green grass to where his mother lay resting. Tears danced upon his cheek. I felt my heart break.

I loved her like my own mother. I felt better thinking she was in a better place, and my tears were drying. I stared out the window as we left the memorial park, emotionless. And, from within the quiet air, I heard, "My mom was right about you Cherilyn..."

The tears began again. I heard music being turned on. ..I remember thinking, "Where will I get those comforting hugs?" And somewhere from within the car I could hear a radio being played soft and low,..."If I could, I would go wherever you will go..."

"What a day!", I thought as we headed to Brooklyn to eat.


(Dedicated to Marilyn, who passed away on this day a few yrs ago.) :)

(Something I wrote about a patient of mine after her funeral. The family put a poem I had written to her, beside her in her casket. I guess my words will always be with her.

I remember going to the hospital on my day off to give her a pedicure. (She had never had one before.) Ugh, I dislike feet, but so wanted her to always smile. :) We laughed so much that day.

She was so beautiful. She always called me her angel, but she was indeed, the true angel. :))

I have only shared this with Victor. But I felt the need to post it today. Sorry for any typos. :)

Saturday, April 05, 2008



"Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace and gratitude."

--Denis Waitley

Sólo Tú


"Sólo tú, le das brillo y amor mi corazón: llenas de alegría a mi alma, eres el beso constante a mi corazón, conoces mis secretos, deseos y anhelos, me transmites calor con tus manos, me das fuerzas para seguir viviendo, tienes la risa que me trae la luz del sol, y una sonrisa a mis labios, me escuchas con tanta paciencia, me abrigas cuando tengo frío, eres y serás el dueño de mi corazón, eres mi sueño hecho realidad, eres y serás el que me ama y me amará siempre,...

... sólo tú, amor mio, eres al que amo y amaré eternamente!"


En ti la tierra canta,...


"... salida de tu sueño
me dio el sabor de tierra,
de agua marina, de algas,
del fondo de tu vida,
y recibí tu beso
mojado por la aurora
como si me llegara
del mar que nos rodea."

"... hecha para mis brazos,
hecha para mis besos,
hecha para mi alma."

(Pablo Neruda)


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