Sunday, July 25, 2010

True Love

"This kind of moment is only on loan, and it won't be too long till it leaves us behind. And when it's all over, I want you to know that I was with you, when I had the night of my life."

Saturday, July 24, 2010


November born: Determined. Hopeless romantic. Industrious. Warm and compassionate. Patient and tolerant. Wise and witty. Very intelligent. Do or die attitude. Inquisitive and intuitive. Faithful friend. Sharp thinker. Emotional lover. Secretive. Active. You like to enjoy life to the fullest. Easy going. Attractive personality.

Hmmm... they forgot bratty, scared of bugs, trips UP the stairs, won't try any food that looks disgusting or has a disgusting name, loves the sea and the rain, and of course, a true chocolate addict! ;)


The Purity Design by ITELY HAIR FASHION. They gave me the entire collection to take home during an Emmy Award Event last year. The hairspray is my absolute favorite--feels soft in your hair, has a strong hold and a fresh clean scent. A plug for them for their kindness.

Trevor Donovan (90210)

Actor/model Trevor Donovan (90210) visiting Emerging Magazine. He is such an easy subject to photograph. Hopefully, when I see him again, I will have more time to get the shots I truly would like. Perhaps a photo shoot is in order.


Sunday, July 11, 2010

Life is not a promise, but a gift.

Relationships, with each one, you lose a part of yourself, and when I say relationships, I mean any sort from a relationship with your parents, to your friends, peers or your partner. Some take your trust, some faith, dreams, confidence or romanticism, and some take your heart, push and pull until it is molded into something that never seems quite the same.

All along, you never even realize it has happened; one day standing in front of the mirror you notice a change, a change from that young adult that had some much to believe in. I guess it is hard to notice such things when life keeps moving and one must constantly keep their head above water. But when you are finally in front of that mirror, you do not recognize yourself, because you are a completely different person.

*Note, it is not that we have allowed another to change us, it just moved that way--no matter the circumstances. And it is not that easy to get yourself back, one must be in the mix of things to truly relate.

So there you are in front of the mirror. You look deep into yourself trying to figure out how this all happened. Well, in case you were too busy to hold it all down, you had learned that trust is not always a good thing, romance can be void, confidence can deteriorate after awhile, and faith...well, faith is just something to grasp when you are left to dangle in the dark.

We all get tired, and trying to find who you once were is not as easy as it sounds; you have to start from scratch and let go of all you ever knew. You need to remember the reasons that you loved romance, know that confidence comes with loving yourself, even when you are told there is nothing to love, recall why trust is as important as love, and most of all, forget faith in anything else for the moment, but yourself. As long as it is inside you, you have no reason to search.

Not sure any of this makes sense, I am exhausted, ill with a cold and had been thinking about this while on a walk this evening. One thing I can definitely say, with most relationships, you give a part of yourself and you get a part in return, changing each other for the better... it is utterly beautiful.


Saturday, July 10, 2010


(My beautiful sister, Louisa Catharine Forsyth)

How can I manage to put to words what joy she has brought to my life? It is funny, our relationship reminds me of the movie, Beaches; we write and tell things to each other that we tell no one else, and we are so far away from each other right now, (Louisa is in Europe). But no matter how far we are, we are always there for one another.

I truly feel blessed to have Louisa as a friend, she has taken the empty space that my sister left inside when she passed away in autumn a few years ago. Louisa is not only my dear friend, but my sister at heart.

And even though I have been a bit under the weather this week with a cold, I wanted to place a few warm words here this evening.

I love her.

Monday, July 05, 2010


There is no good or bad when making love; you care for the person so much inside, just being with them makes your body tremble. And every part of you feels fantastic in the knowing that they truly care. Making love is more than sex; it is about being together, exploring, kissing and knowing each the one you love. Sometimes, the peak can just be simply holding each other tightly.

It does not matter who you were with before, whether they were wonderful at everything, or whether they were not. At that time, it is where you wanted to be. Everyone is different and that is what makes each and every one of us special.

And when you have finally found your one true love and can speak that aloud, one could never tell the other they are not good making love, because how can someone be "Bad" at kissing and touching the one they care for? Unless they do not truly care to please the other, indeed, it comes from the heart. Nothing else matters.

It is extremely sad, but "From the heart" is something some people may never know. Not everyone has been blessed with such a feeling. And not only the feeling, but having it in return.

In my heart, I wish so much for everyone to experience the joy at some point in their life.

On another note, my husband once told me that "The Most Beautiful Girl in the World" had to have been written about me. I decided to make it my first song for a while, so we all know that even with flaws, someone out there will see the beauty inside.

Good night.


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