Saturday, March 19, 2011

Written Beneath the Skin

I woke this morning fantastic. The window ajar,
I heard the birds on the wire, in the trees

they sang the most beautiful of songs
as sun arrived in splendor, brought dreams of
love and mirth, and for a moment
Spring was here.

I imagined it warmed your hands, fingers that
one day might feel excitement, only to leave me
in a dream-like state, inquisitive, moist,
ever so aware-unclothed.

O love, tell me they will discover all that
I have to render!
My thighs
at the thought.
Never have I imagined such magnificence
and a boy that can
make it last forever.

I am completely and utterly in love.

And as fervor slides into the lungs
like a breath in the rain, everything
becomes soundless, where even the wren
find it much too wet to sing.

Stirring Winter to Wine

Ice lights.

San Francisco, New Orleans & New York Scenes

Various black and white photographs that I have taken. I love city scenes and images in b&w, so I tend to do more of these sort. -Cher

Thursday, March 17, 2011


A letter from from my husband. I enjoy placing his beautiful words into my blog from time to time--it makes my heart happy. :)

"Cher, I'm completely, unconditionally mad about you. Crazy in love with you. I am nothing without you. My breath begins and ends with you. You are my masterpiece, my princess. I am head-over-heels in love with you.

You unleashed unbridled passion when you push yourself upon me, looking into my eyes from above me. Your body, warm and smooth expresses in motion your love for me. I am captivated, enthralled and entranced by you, wholly.

You are gorgeous, and beauty ushers forth from your tender heart engulfing your entire being, evidenced by the smile on your precious face. I simply adore you. I am so proud to be your husband, none and nothing compares to you. Your smile releases immeasurable fireflies in the dark, illuminating untold lives, passing through me in a swarm of emotion, invoking me to desire. Your smile holds the secrets of joy and pleasure, your kiss is love and the knowledge thereof.

To my princess, I bring with me none of the finest of fragrances, frankincense or my-uh, nor can I offer the wealth of a king, I bring to you myself, in the throes of passion, of desire, of want, my hands offer to you all...I give you my heart. Take it unto yourself, hold it, guard it, caress its texture, lines of scars or hurt, with your tough heal the wounds, revive its beat. Nurture and feel it with tenderness, happiness and love. Tenderly kiss the source of my life, warm its core. When you have done these things, open the cavity of your chest and place my heart inside of yours, safe and secure. Two hearts beating as one, one until the celestial majesty crashes deep into the sea.

Cher, you are without doubt, my beautiful princess and I have come to take you away. I will love you always.


Thank you, Baby for how you are. Your words made my heart flutter as if it were a butterfly in itself. You make me feel beautiful, make me feel more loved than I ever have been. I know that I am. It is a great feeling to be married after all these years and still feel as we did the day we first fell in love--the passion igniting over and over again. We work well as a team. Together we are beautiful. I love you more and more each day.

I adore my prince. He is my heart, my life, my everything.

Now that I have placed this "loveling" into one of the places where my heart and thoughts thrive, I will prepare for sleep.

Good night, sweet world.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

The Breath of Love


None dare stand against me, the breath of love fills my sails, the force propelling me forward, conquering all. Nothing stands as a wall when love abounds boundlessly, unconditionally and true.

I am who I have become because you live, you breathe.


(If my memory fails as I grow older, I want to remember everything about you.)

Sunday, March 06, 2011


Our love, a trellis of iridescent
fiora--rooted, where darkness
is pressed flat and the sky
undresses the clouds into
the perfect blue.

The subtlest moment,
ours alone. ღ


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