Monday, January 21, 2008

Denise & Kenny


(I came across this image last night as I was unpacking. I took a quick photo of the photo, because my printer is not yet hooked up.)

This is an image of my sister, Denise. It was taken on her wedding day. :) She had just smeared the wedding cake onto Kenny's face. (So cute!)

I miss you, Denise. You would be so happy for my heart right now, and giving me SO much advice on life in general. You would be holding my hand through these sometimes, frightening moments, and kissing my soul with your beautiful laughter.

I need to let you know, that I know you have sent an angel in your place. Someone to hold me tight through this life. Someone to look after me and love me with each new breath. Someone to carry me when times are uncertain. And I am very grateful for (SO many tears have begun to fall--I cannot finish this sentence).

May you be resting in perfect peace.

Love, your little sister, Cher

Monday, January 14, 2008

Window to the Soul


After an evening of laughter, an allure of ignited colors
multiply against the Winter sky in a string of notes—
spectacular to remember.

You reach for my hand with a smile, and we softly fasten
to the warm horizon.

*A special "Thank you" to Victor for working on this image with me. :)

Vivir dentro de alguien


(A special "Thank you" to Victor for working on this image with me.)

Vivir dentro de alguien

Estamos sentados tranquilamente dentro del
día final, Uno al lado del otro, reacios
a reconocer La constancia del tiempo

(Nada, ...

Puede romper esta sensación de seguridad
Debajo de esta puesta de sol, dentro de
nuestros corazones

Nuestro amor,
Como una secuencia de margaritas de varios
colores Se mecen felizmente en el campo,
detrás de Todos nuestros sueños en cascada
sin Vacilaciones en el nuevo año.

Y cada momento, y una vez transcurrido y aún,
Sigue siendo infinito. Es en estos segundos
Que tu mano sostiene firme la mía, como
Tú y yo nos suavizamos dulcemente en el

I am beginning another book. This one will be done completely in Spanish. I assume 40 poems, frontal image will be carefully selected from a favorite photographer of mine, V. Nuño (I still need to ask him) :), it will be a hardback edition, and have a special dedication.

Also, I have asked him to do my proofreading,... he agreed. :)

I am very positive and excited about this book. I am also thinking of making a second edition in full Italian. I will update here as I go. Thank you all for supporting my work. I am truly grateful.

New Publication in Print


from east to west: bicoastal verse (print edition #1)

... A lively selection from three years of featured poets at the journal "from east to west: bicoastal verse" including Jack Anders, Coleen Shin, John Sweet, April Ossmann, James Lineberger, Jalina Mhyana, Tara Birch, Terry Lucas, PJ Nights, Tammy Trendle, Valentina Bonnaire, Dorothy D. Mienko, AnnMarie Eldon, Chris Crittenden, Kerri Rochelle, Tasha Klein, Wendy Howe, Jill Chan, Jennifer VanBuren, Craig Kirchner, Jenni Russell, Edward J. O’Brien, Cherilyn Ferroggiaro, Paul Adrian Mabelis, Gary Lawless, Christine Kiefer, Neil C. Leach, Jr., Graeme Mullen, Sarah Wilson, Ray Sweatman, Tom Blessing, Yolanda Calderon-Horn, and George Wallace.

I am very honored.

...... :)

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Fight for your future


Ciao! I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! Today was a nice and productive day. I went early to read to the children in the peds unit. It is funny, I tried to figure out hat books to bring to give away. I found this book on giving among others, and as I was reading that one, a little boy got up, went to his room, and came back with a tiny glass angel. And you know? He gave it to me! He said, "I want to be a giver. I like you a whole lot." Oh my gosh, it was absolutely sweet. I hugged him so tight. :)

Then another followed me everywhere. I finally had to tell him I would be leaving, and he made me promise to come back. I will, of course! The thing is, I am hoping he will be released by then. His fever is gone, and he is getting so much better!

I brought him some homemade tea I made. I like to boil the water, add vanilla bean, and a touch of sugar. (The sugar will dissolve better if put in the boiling water first, instead of after it has cooled.) Anyway, he likes it, so I make him some when I have time, and bring it to him. He is 8, and such a nice boy. :)

Then I ran some errands, after giving my Christmas gifts of candies, to others there. (I did have some Ghirdardelli chocolate, but gave it away later in the day.) I just had a wonderful Saturday. It started perfectly, and now? Well, I feel complete inside. Living, vibrant, loved. I am going to work on images for a while, because I feel like being creative. I hope to catch up to email sometime tomorrow. :)

Love is patient; love is kind
and envies no one.
Love is never boastful, nor conceited, nor rude;
never selfish, not quick to take offense.
There is nothing love cannot face;
there is no limit to its faith,
its hope, and endurance.
In a word, there are three things
that last forever: faith, hope, and love;
but the greatest of them all is love.

You know,...

... this is my year. And I am going to live each day to its fullest, with a smile. In fact, this year has already started to be the best year of my life. From my well wishes at midnight in Spain, to the fact Michael has caught the mouse, to the huge smile on my face at the moment!! :D

If moments seem hard, just redirect your mind to something warm in your heart. Withing minutes, you will begin to shine. You have to fight for what you truly want. It means sacrifice, love, selflessness, giving, faith, plenty of smiles, warmth, respect, and living life with open arms. You will have the security in knowing, everything will always be okay. You just have to believe. :)



Thursday, January 03, 2008

To Live Inside Someone


To Live Inside Someone

We lay quietly within day’s finale,
side by side, reluctant to acknowledge
the steady evanescent of time.


can break this sense of security
beneath this sunset, within our hearts

Our love,
like a sequence of multi-colored daises
swaying in the field blissfully, behind
all our dreams that cascade without
into the new year.

And each moment, once passed and still,
remains infinite. It is in these seconds
that your hand holds mine firmly, as
you and I soften sweeter into the milieu.

*Draft I

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

[Ad Infinitum]


[Ad Infinitum]

Drown by tangled sentiment
like the urgency
of a solitary tear
that has opened
in the chest--my heart trembles
as I write these next lines.

For far too many minutes,
I have not written in high regard
or of the radiance in his soft,
but steady gaze.
Nor have I,
spoken of the this blaze that shifts
from this ache in my chest to
these butterflies in my stomach.

Seconds pass,
and I have not imagined his warm
words that thread my form in dusk.
Nor have I thought of his hands,
or the dulcet

way his voice breaks
my silence.
And if my body
becomes swift, may he spread the stem
of his laughter softly against me,
if anything, to still this beating

And during theses final moments,
I will kneel at his feet
in veneration;
a sort of equilibrium
between what
has faded with last year‘s memoirs,
and what is starting to bloom
even more so.

And I give to his heart, not my hand,
but the impulse to open,
to exist in this new

while I shift like wind and tide,
seeking words of my own, but they do not
arrive; he leaves me speechless in my own

lifting prayers to winter skies, placing
each one wholly, within the stars.

It is much more than gratitude that I need
to express--it is the certainty of forever.


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