Thursday, January 13, 2005

Across Wires and Wingsong

notoriety sits at the edge
of leather bound books and charm;
he belongs to the city.

the air swells as fertile lips speak across
wind's tapestry. i can feel him move
in steadybreath, pulling goosebumps
from my skin.

he says he is crazy, i think he must be wrong,
for it is i, who is high-strung
on the sound of the beep, who becomes restless
beneath concrete streets
and casual conversation.
somethings never change.

2 comments to Cher:

Bob said...

Found your blog via CriticalPoet forum...great stuff! nice to find another blogger who posts readable poems... (zenblaster)

Craig said...

I searched for my last name and found your site! We have some things in common... The city we live in, our very unique last name and photography. Are we related?

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