Sunday, January 15, 2006

Happy New Year!

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3 comments to Cher:

joeybencon7004 said...

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ryan said...

O! O! O! O!

A new (unexpected) post. And Happy New Year to you, Cherilyn.

You get a * from me for your return to blogging. Of course you get a * from me for just being the wonderful friend that you are.


Lost Days said...

As passions rage within, as dreams swirl the heart into a whipped frenzy, where life takes a backseat to simply being in your presence, a new inferno melts the very walls of ages past, opening up stone doors to expose the very soul in all its hidden glory, all its divine magnificence, and your touch, your wordly caress, shall
still linger within it when eternity fades, when stars lose their twinkle, and when the heavens evaporate.


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