Friday, February 24, 2006

This Beauty is Soft

This beauty is soft -- as if music and wood,
agate, cloth, wheat, peaches the light shines through
had made an ephemeral statue.
And now she sends her freshness out, against the waves.

The sea dabbles at those tanned feet, repeating
their shape, just imprinted in the sand.
And now she is the womanly fire of a rose,
the only bubble the sun and the sea contend against.

Oh, may nothing touch you but the chilly salt!
May not even love disturb that unbroken springtime!
Beautiful woman, echo of the endless foam,

may your statuesque hips in the water make
a new measure -- a swan, a lily --, as you float
your form through that eternal crystal.


1 comments to Cher:

Lost Days said...

Beautiful expressions...much as I picture you, in the dim light of early morn, standing on the shoreline, kissed by the warm salty breeze, thin cotton dress pressed against your form, and a sly smile on your lips as you remember my words, "Forever is where your heart holds it, locked in a thought, a fantasy, a reality that at that one moment in time, we touched each other's souls...forever"


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