Monday, March 03, 2008

Just some thoughts

I know, I know,... I have not updated in a while. Sorry.

I was just thinking, and well, had to write down my thoughts,...

Last night I was very sick, and not doing well at all. Well, during this, my friend Jenn and I heard a very loud boom. I looked out my third floor window and noticed a lot of flames. Apparently, there was an accident on the freeway. My heart sank. I mean, I felt such an awful feeling inside, aside from what was happening from my being sick. I was almost to tears over this feeling.

Today, before I left my home, I read that a truck had hit the bridge and caught fire. The man inside died in the flames. I knew I felt something curious and sad. And even more of a pity, his 2 second death announcement on the news t.v. channel. I think they talked more about the renovations that would be made on the highway this summer. Renovations that have nothing to do with the man. Oh, but they did mention that they checked for damage on the bridge where he crashed. That statement took 2 sentences, where his death, one.

So much of the world has become numb. So numb that death or tragedy are as common as a cold. It takes something really bad to make anyone turn their head. Maybe we are so used to these things that we have forgotten how they hurt others. All I know is that his death hurt my heart, and I do not know one thing about him or his family. Not even his name.


You know, it is odd how someone died so tragically, and well, the world just moves on. I mean, his poor family and friends. I look out my window now, and I see traffic as usual. It is like nothing happened there. I know most do not have any idea that a man was taken so violently from his loved ones, but it still hits me right in the heart.

I guess when they say that Life moves on, they could not be any more correct. Well, for me, I am thinking of that man and his family. And today, I will say a silent prayer for all. May his family find the peace they need. May he rest in the same Peace.

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