Sunday, April 12, 2009

11 pm and all is well

... not a thing stirring, but me, here in the office. Tonight has ended beautifully, and I am about to go back to bed. My husband held me in bed and told me how much he loved me, we talked a bit, touched hearts, and I left him peacefully on his way to dreamland.

I wanted to write in my blog quickly and check the clothes in the dryer. :) I miss him already and am yawning constantly, but my mind will not let me rest til I write some thoughts.

I am so in love and truly, I am blessed. I say this, and think of all the women in the world that just "settle". I think of the women trapped in a dead end relationship, women whom are lost and not in love with the man they fall to sleep beside, as the curtain of stars covers the night. It is indeed a tragedy.

Again, I am blessed.

Who would have thought that I would marry my best friend,... all of my life I had been waiting for him and never knew. I was strung up in relationships that could not last. I was too trusting and far too blind. All the time, Stefan stood beside me and caught me as I fell. No one could ever take his place. He always wanted to be with me, and deep inside, I felt it too. A lot of men that, either wanted to date me or for some reason felt they should hold my hand, slipped away when I began dating him. I find that so odd, because they swore they would always be there, even as a friend. The way I see it, they never were really friends. The ones that stood by me are still here.

Stefan is the light that everyone can see within my eyes. He says he does not know what he would do without me, but it is I who would be lost. ... he is my very heart and soul.


2 comments to Cher:

Stefan said...

My Sweet,

There is none like you, from your innocence to your intellect, no person keeps me more enthralled.

Having you in my life is and has been the very best of my existence, aside from children.

I regret nothing and the wait for you was and is, all the reward any man could hope for.

I love you and not because I am married to you, I loved you before you came into this present existence.


Cher said...

... you are love.


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