Friday, May 29, 2009

Do you ever experience things on certain days?

When I glance out my office window (in which is three floors up from my living room) it takes me back to a day when I was a small girl. The rainfall, the look of outdoors, and the scents all place my mind back to Sonoma, Ca.

I was about 7, I think. It was very foggy that morning as I walked out of my Grandma’s home and through a small path in the redwoods. Up on the knoll was a Shetland pony - he was so beautiful. His name was, Dusty.

It started to rain. I wanted to ride so bad, so I climbed up on him and instead of going for a ride; I bent forward and rested my head on his. We sat there in the rain for what seemed like hours. I recall singing to him. (I was such a ding dong.) I sang Puff the Magic Dragon over and over. It was a song my Grandma would sing to me. I recall I would get very sad when she got to the close of the song, but I did not that day - I felt peaceful. And of course, I loved the rain then as much as I do today.

So now, I look out my window and I see that little girl, see the long curls, the skin that seemed to live in calamine lotion, the curious 7 yr old who wore poison oak like a second skin every year. I see the pony and all the dreams that I had and I wonder if I am doing what I had planned then. She wanted to be an oceanographer - and now settles for medicine. She lived to be beside the ocean and still does, but seems when we grow up, we rarely have time for those sorts of things.

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