Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Summer slips past my lips

(An image I shot in Carmel, California)

What an extremely long month May was--our businesses booming, moving in, gardening, tiling the entrance way, graduations, family, a trip to Atlantic City that fell through, admiring the huge peonies that grow beside our garage, laughing at the rabbits that ate our eggplants, fixing the lawn mower, waiting--always waiting, movies and popcorn, the bird's nest on our front porch as the mother feeds her young, driving--always driving, love, pulling sandstone from the basement for our waterfall, and so much more. Long, but meaningful.

We have not had time to go out and shoot much lately, but hopefully soon. I need to do it for peace of mind--for my inner being. If I do not take some time to get out into nature soon, summer will slip by, and before I know it, it is gone. One thing that just made me smile to myself is that that means autumn will be here. And we all know how autumn touches deeply, my heart. :) I love, love it!

The first thing I thought of this morning was how I wished that today was Sunday, and we could sleep in. :) I am on my 2nd cup of coffee, smiling (although sleepy), and planning on getting up to get ready to go to the job site. Stefan and I discussed our employees and which ones stood out as exceptional, and we spoke on standing beside the one you love through anything. It was a peaceful conversation, full of dreams and the knowledge that we two can always get through things together. That is a good thing. He is beautiful.

Anyway, I need to go for now. I will write more later tonight. Enjoy your day.


By the way, I am so backed up in my email and messages, but plan on getting to them very soon. :)

2 comments to Cher:

Stefan said...

Hey Lovely! I had not realized we were so busy until I read your words... suddenly I am exhausted! :)

I love you more than yesterday and await the morrow so that I will love you more.

You bring me joy! You are truly the Beautiful

Cher said...

I love you too, sweetness. I love you always.

You are truly, "The One".


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