Thursday, July 30, 2009

My existence

What a long week or so.

(An image I shot last year, while in Philadelphia, Pa.)

I know I do not write in here as often as I used to, but I do try. In the past few days, we have been to Philadelphia, New Jersey, and lost on some highway that ended up on Staten Island. ;)

Funny, it is very hard not to get irritated during such things. Somehow we ended up in Point Pleasant, New Jersey at 2:30 am last night. I just did not care... I was absolutely thrilled to be there again and my heart smiled-- I love the sea so very much.

(A photograph I had shot the last time I was in Point Pleasant.)

Yesterday was very full; we paid our employees, paid bills, ran shopping, and by early afternoon, we were on our way to New Jersey. We were caught in torrential rain (both ways), crazy neighborhoods, and some silly Google map that took us everywhere, but The Raddison Hotel in New Jersey, where we were supposed to meet an old friend. (A wonderful person from San Francisco, by the way.) Since it was after 10 pm by the time we arrived, we found some great restaurant/ bar and enjoyed a quick beer, bite to eat, and some good conversation, before we had to rush off.

When we returned the rental car, I asked, "Have you guys seen Ferris Bueller's Day Off?" They said, yes. I asked, "Remember the scene, where they leave the car keys to the parking garage attendant?" Once more, they said, yes. I then stated that is what we had done to their car. They laughed and we were off. :)

Last week we had gone to Philadelphia for one of our new projects (30,000 square feet of project!). One thing, I did see an excellent photojournalism opportunity on the streets. I am leaning toward black and white "Life" shots.I will try to place that on my "To Do" list. :)

We are also trying to put the 2009 Emmy Awards Suite together. It is trying, but is well worth the time and effort. That will take place in September. We will be in Beverly Hills for a few days then, off to visit some friends and family, and then home again. (I think we might make that a week long trip. That way we can make some time to really relax, as well as, work.) :)

Then right after, the new business will be completely off its feet and going strong. We will be opening an office on Virginia Beach. I look forward to each and every moment during this new experience. One thing about me, I always keep my feet on the ground--I am not too materialistic and I enjoy the simpler things in life. I just love "Love" and being able to wake with a smile each day. Oh... and chocolate, cappuccino, and the sea! ;)

Stefan and I make a great team. :)

Every since he and I have been together (possibly before) he wakes, and the 1st thing he says is, "I love you.". :)

Anyway, we ran around all day today, worked a bit, and are now home. As I stated, what a long week or so.

You know, I must say, as we passed the New York City signs, I so wished we had time to take one of those exits and go see the city. I miss it. We do plan on taking a few days to go and take some photographs. Hopefully soon. :)

All in all, a long week, but a productive one.


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