Thursday, May 27, 2010

End of Day

(A photograph I shot in Cape May last summer.)

What a long day for some reason, I can barely keep my eyes open. I will just make this short and sweet. :)

There is so much I want to add tonight, like the fact that I watched the movie Julie/Julia (which is probably titled wrong, because I am much too tired to recall)and absolutely adored it. I am not truly a fan of Julia Childs, nor am I not... I have never thought about it truly.

Nonetheless, the movie has such strong points that it brought tears of joy, smiles and more while watching. I will emphasize on that at a later date.

Also, I will have to write a few letters that need to go out, in the morning. My email will not open, nor Facebook at the moment. For some odd reason, my internet is going very slow, and it has me even sleepier as I watch Firefox try its best to show me what I want. I simply gave up.

Even the music here in my blog is going on and off. I hear ..."you're lucky star, your singing satellite" and the it goes quiet a moment. I am sure all will be better by morning.

Been feeling extremely romantic today. <--Random thought.

Took a trip to the Mediterranean by making bite-sized falafels (a blend of chickpeas, fava beans and Arabic herbs and spices) hummus and lettuce for dinner tonight. Stefan had me try one a few years ago and I fell in love.

They are so delicious. In fact, after we left the Rockefeller Plaza in NYC during our trip in February, we bought some from a street vendor. Mine was a bit dry, nothing like the ones we make at home, but delicious nonetheless. The wait can be long when ordering out, but the ingredients are fresh and the taste is worth waiting for. Being Italian, I still love the foods, but never mind stepping out of the ordinary.

By the way, I can never pronounce them and do so with an "R"..."Farfalla". Funny, but no one minds...they just laugh. ;)

We planted a flowering plum tree last weekend. I am so in love with that tree--extremely delicate and beautiful.

I look out at it every day, just to see how far it has grown. ;) We also bought some roses, one is a climbing rose bush. I adore the climbing roses the most and cannot wait to see how beautiful it becomes.

I have so much fun looking at all the flowers and trees the stores have to offer and wish to buy some tall daisies soon. I love how they make my heart feel.

I cut a few pink peonies, before Stefan moved some of them from beside the garage, to the front yard. I placed them in a vase in the kitchen window, next to some vine clippings that I am trying to propagate. They make me smile every time I see them. I cannot believe how large they get. And the scent is fabulous.

By the way, I love to propagate. I bought a tropical plant the other day that was dying...I wanted to try and save him. At first, I cut a piece of the plant at each node and placed the eye horizontally just above the surface of the soil. That clipping did not make it, but the other has--I placed the stalk directly in the soil at a vertical position, watered it and gave it some sun. So far, he is doing well. I will keep my fingers crossed.

Moving on:

I am writing a new poem. I think it will be my best yet. We will see. ;)

I have tons of photographs to work on and post. I still have photographs from our trip to Texas, trip to NYC, Beverly Hills (The Emmy Suite for Emerging Magazine) and more.

Michael (my cat) has decided he wants to be an outside cat and has gone missing once more. I miss him very much. I miss his beautiful blue eyes. If you recall last time, he was gone a few months, but came home tattered and torn. I fixed him up and he is gone again.

I found him when he was about 3 months old left out in the rain. I took him in and gave him all the love I had. Maybe he will come back.

I will write more later, because I am, extremely exhausted.

Sweet dreams,

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