Wednesday, June 23, 2010

NYC Rain

(A photograph I shot in New York a few summers ago)

We went to NYC yesterday for a business meeting with the magazine. I had decided to skip the meeting and hung out at the library on 52nd Street and Madison (I think that is the area it is in)and relaxed. Stefan met up with me a bit after that. During this time, it had begun to rain quite heavily. All cabs (as you can understand) were busy, so we decided to walk it to Chelsea Piers. Yikes, it was quite the walk in the rain, and wouldn't it figure...I had on a light pink blouse and black underclothing (I was pressed for time and had my sports coat, so figured it would be OK, since it was not very visible).

Well, being soaked with rain was not something I had counted on! Yes, I walked all those blocks in NYC with a see through blouse. I left my coat, because it was humid, so I had no covering. By the time I was halfway through, I had given up and did not care where I might find Walgreen's, to pick up an umbrella. Stefan just laughed! Gotta love him. ;)

"Eh", I thought, "I never wear revealing outfits out of modesty and my own tastes, so I guess it will not hurt this one time. I will just try not to look into anyone's eyes as I pass them by!" I had wet hair stuck to my face, a soaked blouse, it was humid and I looked like a drowned rat! Nonetheless, I was in NYC! :)

Oh, before all that, I decided to do a study, since so many say New Yorker's are not friendly; I smiled at almost everyone that passed by, to see if the returned the smile. Some did and some looked at me as if I were crazy. All in all, New York folk are very kind people. I love the city!

We did a lot of walking yesterday and enjoyed so many neighborhoods...what a beautiful place to be. And if you ever get a chance, visit Chelsea Piers, Stefan and I go often and really enjoy our time there.

NYC...interesting day, indeed. I wish I had brought my camera, because as I sat there in front of the library, the rain, taxi cabs, and people rushing with (and without) umbrellas, were simply breathtaking. Wide-eyed, I thought of all the ways I might have captured them.

(Sorry for the rushed post--I am multi-tasking!) xo

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