Monday, May 16, 2011

Corinne Doherty, Emerging Magazine's newest contributor and competitor for our "Global Models For Charity Luxury Ball"

Corinne is our newest competitor in the "Global Models For Charity Luxury Ball Competition". She is competing against many other beautiful men and women international models.

Corinne has achieved her associates degree in Social and Behavioral Sciences from the Santa Rosa Junior College. She plans on advancing to a bachelors degree in Business at Cal State Fullerton in the fall 2011. Currently working part time as an office manager in a cosmetic dental office in Sebastopol, CA.

Corinne is half latina and is fluent in Spanish and English. Corinne has 2 years promotional and modeling experience . She has been hired in several different parts of the world, including NYC, D.C., Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Cancun, Lahaina, in Germany, and Paris.

Corinne's Emerging Magazine Page
Corinne's Facebook Fan Page

We welcome her to Emerging Magazine.

If you are interested in competing in the top 100 model competition, please follow this link.

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