Sunday, June 26, 2011

Emerging Magazine News

(Photograph of Jayde Nicole - Playboy Playmate, before visiting Emerging Magazine.)

Emerging Magazine is hosting an online model competition featuring male and female international models. The competition not only brings each model worldwide recognition, it also provides media and international exposure to charities benefiting from the final event.

(Photograph is of Corinne Doherty, a contestant in Emerging Magazine's Top 100 International Models Competition. )

Models entering the competition receive votes online by the public, friends, associates and others viewing model voting pages. Once the online competition ends at 12:01 A.M. (00:01) EST, December 05, 2011, the top ten (10) male finalist and the top ten (10) female finalist will attend the Global Models For Charity Luxury Ball, where they will model fashion designer clothing and sponsor products on the runway in beautiful, Malibu, California. The finalist will mix and mingle with celebrities, film and television executives and members of the media during the charity fundraiser.

For more information, please visit us.

(Some celebrities that have visited Emerging Magazine.)

Emerging Magazine has been involved in many celebrity charity events. We have introduced product and design to the media, celebrities and the like. Our sponsors have felt satisfied with the results as their products receive massive attention globally.

(Actress Morgan Fairchild.)
(Photographer, Cher Ferroggiaro.)

Writers, Artists, Designers, Models, Musicians, actors, directors, business owners, photographers and others can now add events, news and promotions about products, shows and more. Design your page, add music, blogs, photo and video. Join Emerging Magazine now and become a contributor, promote and market yourself, business or services. Sign up, build your page and begin to see amazing results!

Recently listed as one of the top 50 fastest growing news and luxury magazines online.

With 63,100,000 name references on Google, Emerging Magazine has 25% of CNN's 225,000,000.

Just last month, Emerging Magazine's name reference was 14,000,000. Hmm... Now why wouldn't anyone want to promote their content is a good question.

Emerging Magazine is a marketing and promotions company dedicated to promoting positive change products, charities, artist, actors, designers, film makers, musicians, writers and other talent in the arts, entertainment and lifestyles industries.

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