Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Contemplations On a "Summered" Night

[You are loved]

Does anyone really know what that means anymore? Seems we throw that word out there without any thought for circumstance or consequence. In some cases, others find it difficult to utter at all. And if we do say those words we should most definitely mean them. Seems a shame that at times we cannot live our lives with arms wide open. Nonetheless, I plan to try.

Sometimes my heart feels as if it were overflowing and I wish to tell others just what light they have brought into my life, but fear (as others do) the openness that may lead them away. Who would have have thought I would be here, right now, with so much love to give?

I have always believed that you should show your heart to friends and such. I would never want someone that I cared for (in even the smallest amount) to walk without knowing just how fabulous they are. I suppose that is why I simply let the words fall from my lips. If I am touched, be sure that they know.

If something or someone moves me I want them to feel the strength of this heart. I wish to share with the world what I see through my eyes. I hope that whatever it is that I share will make an impact on someone else as it had me.

A smile is contagious, we really should pass it on. Indeed, a child-like simplicity that can only make the "Heartlight" shine even brighter.

Never waste a second wishing the words you felt so sweetly had not tangled on the tongue. Tell (or show) your loved ones and friends exactly what they mean to you...

... for moments pass quickly and once they are gone, they are gone.

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