Friday, December 16, 2011

Just a Thought

I relax on my patio and I see an empty hole--Stefan drained our pool to make a few adjustments. I wonder how many party guests will attempt to dive into the 12ft hole this New Year's Eve. I assume he plans on filling it before then! ;)

I am home today, so I placed all my houseplants outside on the back patio for a little morning fog misting. If anything, I am sure that the rubber tree loved it. I even placed the poinsettias out there. I hope to have a lot of tropical plants by Spring.

I have my new washer & dryer placed cozy in the laundry room. They really work quite well and I love the music they play when finished. We decided not to pay the extra $430.00 for the pedestals--we can surely lean down to get the laundry in and out. ;) Also, ignore the empty room; we still need all our things unpacked, and from storage.

I still have this cold and each night it gives me a terrible headache. Stefan said he was not feeling well last night, either. I hope he does not get sick, as well. Hopefully, it will go away soon!

We are planning a huge event in a few months,

Battle of the Bands, Horror Film Festival, Dance Competition, Fashion Show, Food, Zombie Tag and More while supporting Texas Schools and Universities! Come Join the party and break a world record! Feel free to check it out by clicking the image above!

(One of the fireplace mantels decorated in Christmas cheer. By the way, these are Blackberry images, so forgive the noise and whatnot.)

Our Christmas tree is almost finished--we are doing silver and blue this year. We hope to put a tree upstairs in the game room too, but not sure as of yet. Stefan hung a lighted wreath on the front upstairs balcony and ice lights all around the front of our home. Everything looks so beautiful, I love the holidays and all they have to offer!

I hope everyone is enjoying their week!


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Maria Grasier NYCITY said...

EVERYTHING you do is perfect! I really like how you are Cher!


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