Tuesday, March 26, 2013

As If By Sea

O love, speak to me.
Should we end as quickly as we

I slip past your lips tonight, find myself
inside flesh, where
each second, I witness
                             you for the first time.

And I know now that it will not be you
who catches my fall: there is nothing
con       necting us anymore, but space.

For a moment, I rest in the deep of
your throat beautiful and low,
I pull
       each breath with a stern finger,

voice impelling from your chest
nothing pushing nothing       [nothing].

And there is no frame to this leg room,
no fervor free of reluctance      I wish
you were really here.

A plea is not enough      you are built like
stone, these two hands cannot get past
the water that risessplitting words

to a scat    ter          soon it will be
against the nape, its salt thickening my
own tongue
                  to a silence.

Not about anything in general. :)

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