Monday, March 02, 2015

A Guide To Choosing An Accept Chair

Choosing an accent chair is much easier than you thought!

When seeking the perfect accent chair, whether it be for a recently renovated room, an empty space, or any other reason, the first thing you should consider is color.  Do you have an accent wall that you plan on placing the chair in front of? Is it going to be in  a corner, where both walls are the same color?

If you do have an accent wall, you may want to think of a chair that does not sink into that wall, by being the exact same color.

Choose light colors that liven up the other walls and make your chair stand out. Although, a chair with a variety of colors AND the color of your accent wall, definitely works.  If anything, you can always go a bit further and choose a paint that fits and go from there. Many local hardware and paint stores have color swatches that you can take home and work with.

Once you decide where your chair is going to be placed, it is time to choose that perfect chair. You are going to want to consider size, comfort, price, material, and style.  You may also want to decide whether you prefer arms or not.  Arms are a great addition to an accent chair and hold whatever is placed on the chair much better. On a side note, you can choose a decorative pillow (it does not have to match anything else in the room) to place on the chair.  I have found that some people assume that a lot of things in life have to match, but they truly don't. Be creative, create your own style, and simply be yourself. 

*Have you thought about antique or even second hand? What a wonderful DIY project, where you can refinish grandmother's old chair and make it stand out once more. And what a wonderful way to fill your home with memories and presence.

You can find many stores that sell accent chairs, it is just a bit of foot work. In the end, when you have what you have been looking for, you will be glad you invested the time.  Online research, referrals from friends and family are always other options.

There are so many styles out there, it simply depends on your taste. I have a few accent chairs in my home, and believe it or not, they don't match any other furniture and it works!  Good luck on finding and placing that wonderful addition to your room!

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