Thursday, May 11, 2006

Scattered Notes Along Highway 81

You may take what you need from me—
I only enhance being a part of you.
And I drive from east to south, the flat of high-
way stretching through fields, towns, and the
darkening cities that pass.

I open the window—my heart and movements
vague: I am moving too fast to remember.
And oh, the ache beneath white breast—
at least a dozen shards sever flesh.

Because of you, they impel like hooks in
the mouths of swollen fish—what I have,
they take, leave naught to simmer in summer
sun. A ciascuno il suo.

I pull to the side, tear at my dress—
oh, the thought of you along my hemline:
imagining lessons learned only in dark places,
drives a woman to slave. I want you wet, an
open door, and between ankle and mouth,
I will seek pleasure beyond pain.

I stand in stillness, morning as far as the sea—
fresh fruit on my tongue as if I have already
had what is mine, as if we were not separated
by time nor season. My body rests against
the night, one hand gripping forever.

The breaths I have taken in your absence,
stolen from your palm, remain
straight-faced as I stare into nothingness.

And I want you to know that each second
that passes, my fingers grow tired of exploration,
require your slow, steady hand for guidance.

I want to know your scent, the churches that went
to flame knowing of the heat, the women before
me that fell into the fire—that layer of your
thigh, insatiable.

I must begin my journey again, rise from this
place, make my way to you. I must drive, I will
not eat, not cease this longing to be beside such
a man, a craving that will not cease upon my
cheek—it fashions resolve to hollow.

I am yours and I will slip myself into the soreness
of your chest—calming the split that I caused many
months ago— if only I can swallow the hours that
press, if only I might finish what I have started.

Draft II (will fix the structure later)

3 comments to Cher:

Cherilyn Ferroggiaro said...

my structure is not staying with this one. :)

David E. Patton said...

You got a good start here. I really don't to read long pieces while blogging alone, but I made it through this one and I am glad that I did stay. Hope to read more of your work.

Cherilyn Ferroggiaro said...

grazie. :)


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