Tuesday, January 01, 2008

[Ad Infinitum]


[Ad Infinitum]

Drown by tangled sentiment
like the urgency
of a solitary tear
that has opened
in the chest--my heart trembles
as I write these next lines.

For far too many minutes,
I have not written in high regard
or of the radiance in his soft,
but steady gaze.
Nor have I,
spoken of the this blaze that shifts
from this ache in my chest to
these butterflies in my stomach.

Seconds pass,
and I have not imagined his warm
words that thread my form in dusk.
Nor have I thought of his hands,
or the dulcet

way his voice breaks
my silence.
And if my body
becomes swift, may he spread the stem
of his laughter softly against me,
if anything, to still this beating

And during theses final moments,
I will kneel at his feet
in veneration;
a sort of equilibrium
between what
has faded with last year‘s memoirs,
and what is starting to bloom
even more so.

And I give to his heart, not my hand,
but the impulse to open,
to exist in this new

while I shift like wind and tide,
seeking words of my own, but they do not
arrive; he leaves me speechless in my own

lifting prayers to winter skies, placing
each one wholly, within the stars.

It is much more than gratitude that I need
to express--it is the certainty of forever.

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