Sunday, October 25, 2009

Trevor Donovan (90210 T.V. series) & Other Updates

A few photographs I shot of Trevor.

He was so funny. We had a great time.

In other news:

If you get a chance, my friend Tionne Williams has a hot new single out--"Unfreeze". Check it out!

Last, but not least, I would like to say thank you to the over 2500 people who link back to my blog. I am honored.

That is all the news for the moment... I am getting sleepy. Time to take a warm bath with my beautiful husband, pull back the down comforter (reminds me of being at my grandmum's when I was a child), and fall fast asleep for the night. We have a busy week ahead.

Good night, sweet world.

p.s. a special "Thank you" to Lisa Townsend for being my co-editor. Much love!

5 comments to Cher:

Gio said...

Sweet dreams Cher.

...mmm... said...

I love how you refer to your hubs as your beatiful husand. How adorable.

Cher Ferroggiaro said...

Aww,... he is beautiful. Thank you and you enjoy your weekend!


Kamagra said...

jajaja I remember this guy, my little sister looks like a ice piece exposed to the sun, totally melted for this guy, by the way Cher, you look really really pretty in that last picture, I don't want to irreverent, but really I like to wake all the days and see someone like you to my side.

Waterford Lismore Wine Glasses said...

Beautiful Cher!!

God bless both of you and your love will grow further more every day ...

Will watch this space in future to hear from you

Sweet dreams...


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