Friday, November 13, 2009

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Hey guys, wow... over 2,000 people out there link directly to my blog. I am grateful. Also, thank you for the messages and email. :) And to my over 2000 friends at Flickr, 2,600 or so on my regular Facebook, 800 and something fans on my Facebook fan page, my fans on other sites, and all my Twitter and FriendFeed followers... a huge 'Thank you'!

Been swamped this week with meetings, my cat missing, my uncle passing away, and much more. Everything is going in the exact direction (job-wise) that I had planned. Good to know. Other than that, some sorrowful things.

My uncle passed from cancer. I have taken on so much in my life. I guess that is what makes me such a strong person.

Being a women, trust me, many will take advantage of you. Someone is doing such a thing at the moment. (I will tell you all about it soon enough.) Do you know that during a meeting a few weeks ago, a man asked that I step out of the conversation a moment, so he could speak to someone privately. Do you know it was about my business? I refused to step out and mentioned that I am the owner of the business! I think I should be the one there before anyone else.

Can you believe that is the way women get treated? Believe me, I am not an activist, but this person has done this to me before. He actually said, "Cher is sweet, as is my wife,... they do not need to hear the bad end of the business". (Or something like that.) What does that mean?

I actually liked this guy at one time. I trusted him and was glad we were friends. People told me not to. Now I have begun to see how he works his business and how he has come out on top. I never wanted to lose my friendship with this person, but what else can you do? He is doing me wrong and it saddens me.

People think I am too trusting to still believe something good will come out in the end--to still trust him a tad, somewhere deep in my heart. I mean, everyone has a good side, yes? I believe that.

Anyway, I will speak more about this tomorrow. I am very sleepy at the moment and have a huge weekend and week ahead. Thanks again for the warm hugs during this sad time in my family, for the friendships, advice and love.

Last thing, I sure hope my cat comes home soon... I miss him so much. Sunday will be a week he has been gone. Today, I put all his toys away in a drawer.


2 comments to Cher:

n2greenfashion said...

You are a strong woman and I am certain you will not allow anything to weigh you down.

Good things happen to good people. You are one of the good ones. My heart is with you during your time of loss.

You bring joy to others worldwide. This person you speak of will fall in your shadows.

You are beautiful!

Cher Ferroggiaro said...

Thank you for those kind words. xo


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