Thursday, November 19, 2009

George Blodwell - Celebrity Stylist

George Blodwell is not only extremely talented, charming and intelligent, he is such a nice person. He left a great impression on me.

I had the pleasure to meet him back in September inside Emerging Magazine's 2009 Emmy Award event suite. We spoke a bit before I asked him about the "look" I had been styling that particular day. He gave me his expertise guidance, looked me over a few times and stated, "Perhaps, a belt might bring out your outfit a bit more. All in all, you are a photographer today and dressed well."

I had on black low-rise jeans, a black button down blouse and American Eagle boots. I was running on zero sleep and was lucky I had any energy to even do my hair--in which was up, except a few curls hanging here and there. He, nor I had any problem with that at all, everyone was casual that day. Lucky for me, because I was much too exhausted too fret about such things.

After we spoke, he posed for me generously. These are my two preferred photographs out of the lot. I wanted to capture him differently than most--I wanted to truly bring out the erudition and gentleness within his eyes, not just a "quick" snap shot of a celebrity as if he were just a number.

Most say they would have been star-struck during that event. Me? Not really... we are all human and have our own triumphs. We all have that inner star, it just depends whether we care to use it or not. With George, I felt his influence and how the room moved with him. He is definitely adored. As he should be.

A little about Mr. Blodwell:

"George Blodwell is an acclaimed legendary international fashion stylist. His innate flair, insightful wit, charm and industry know-how have made him not only a favorite among celebrity clients, but also a seasoned fashion editor for numerous publications and a colorful fashion personality for various talk shows and media outlets.

Blodwell was born in Manchester, England and spent his childhood in Scotland. He started his fashion career at Browns in London, known at the time as the most high-end fashion-forward boutique in town. His look and inherent charisma served him well, as he parlayed them for his night job, walking the runways as a model. In 1978, he moved to Los Angeles and worked at the exclusive Maxfield’s as a fashion consultant. He also spent time at Ralph Lauren and Nino Cerrito.

His illustrious career has also included editorial. In 1986, he served as Editor-at-Large for Italian Harper’s Bazaar, where he lived in Milan and spent considerable time producing and styling editorial photo shoots and attending international fashion shows.

Blodwell then moved back to Los Angeles permanently to focus on styling full-time. Noted for his inspiring work with numerous celebrities, he maintains a close relationship with Hollywood stars and industry tastemakers, styling them for photo shoots and red carpet events.

He most recently dressed Eva La Rue for the 2009 Emmys and ALMA Awards. For the 2009 Oscars he styled Anil Kapoor, Bill Maher, Katie Price and Peter Andre. In 2008 he styled Helen Mirren for the Oscars when she presented the Best Actor Award to Daniel Day Lewis. Helen wore a stunning Georges Chakra garnet red duchess satin gown with Swarovski crystal-embedded sleeves. The gown garnered media acclaim worldwide. Tim Gunn of Project Runway lauded the gown as “the highlight of the evening.”

His styling talent has also led to consultant work on numerous national advertising campaigns including Paul Mitchell, Max Factor, Supercuts, OPI and more.

Featured on numerous panels for fashion symposiums, he has also imparted his expertise knowledge to help fashion students in design and merchandising worldwide. Additionally, George is currently Editor-at-Large for GenLux magazine.


George is extremely good-natured, it was unquestionably an honor to meet and talk with him. I hope to do so again soon. The entire 2 day event was absolutely fabulous.

Well, I am sleepy and have a big day tomorrow... my birthday.

Good night,

5 comments to Cher:

LPC said...

I love your blog.

Cher Ferroggiaro said...

You're very kind. Have a fabulous weekend!

kamagra said...

I think there are other kind of activities George can do because he's so old to do that, I think other person should take those responsibilities.m10m

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Thanks mate... just dropped by. Will look for BIKE STN when we get to Seattle. Still in Buenos Airies.

Russell Stewart said...

I went to school in England with Goerge. He has always been a polite well mannered guy. He was also a terrific dancer. I recall he and his girlfriend dancing to 'Keep on Running' (Spencer Davis Group), back in the mid 60's. Everyone would just stop and look. His eye for fashion was pretty obvious too. None of us had much money back then but George always turned out looking like the star he has always been.

Cheers Russ Stewart


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