Monday, July 05, 2010


There is no good or bad when making love; you care for the person so much inside, just being with them makes your body tremble. And every part of you feels fantastic in the knowing that they truly care. Making love is more than sex; it is about being together, exploring, kissing and knowing each the one you love. Sometimes, the peak can just be simply holding each other tightly.

It does not matter who you were with before, whether they were wonderful at everything, or whether they were not. At that time, it is where you wanted to be. Everyone is different and that is what makes each and every one of us special.

And when you have finally found your one true love and can speak that aloud, one could never tell the other they are not good making love, because how can someone be "Bad" at kissing and touching the one they care for? Unless they do not truly care to please the other, indeed, it comes from the heart. Nothing else matters.

It is extremely sad, but "From the heart" is something some people may never know. Not everyone has been blessed with such a feeling. And not only the feeling, but having it in return.

In my heart, I wish so much for everyone to experience the joy at some point in their life.

On another note, my husband once told me that "The Most Beautiful Girl in the World" had to have been written about me. I decided to make it my first song for a while, so we all know that even with flaws, someone out there will see the beauty inside.

Good night.

2 comments to Cher:

Anonymous said...

...and he is so, so very right.

meiguoren said...

"it is about being together" together together together for at least a moment in time. not alone. experiencing love together is bliss. 'real love' for that millionth of an instant that may last hours, being one with love with another with the universe...where the meaning of life is not a question


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