Tuesday, September 06, 2011

25 Facts You May Not Know About Me

1. I absolutely love everything about the sea.
2. My Great, great Grandfather was one of the 4 that founded San Jose, California. They were from Genoa, Italy.
3. I have been published over 120 times in all sorts of magazines.
4. I speak English, Italian, Spanish, some French & Japanese
5. I love Starbucks Carmel Macchiato.
6. My Grandfather was my hero and can be found in some history books.
7. I think some things are so utterly beautiful, all one can do is cry.
8. I believe beauty often goes unnoticed.
9. I do not trust easily. But when I feel close to someone, they have my heart for life. (Friends and such) - even if I do not always stay in contact every day.
10. I will never hurt a friend on purpose and am very loyal
11. I love the rain.
12. I love bell-bottomed jeans.
13. Candy is delicious and I will buy it if someone does not drag me away quick enough! ;)
14. My favorite car is the Audi that I bought and paid for within 2 months (all on my own). I like to be independent.
15. I love French nails (pink & white) and never try anything else.
16. I would rather go for a walk along the beach than to an expensive restaurant.
17. I believe in the power of generosity.
18. I love to be girly, but can fish like the boys.
19. I play piano.
20. I am soft spoken and know how to behave in any social situation. (Unless I feel bratty, of course!) ;)
21. I love to dance.
22. I love to joke around.
23. My older sister was struck and killed by a truck a few autumns ago, when she was trying to save a pup from the road. She was a teacher. I miss her.
24. 2 of my little brothers have their own musical bands.
25. I love to love.

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