Sunday, September 25, 2011

Of Significant Things

I adore the sea more than ever - it has always been a passion of mine. If I could, I would own a home beside it, so that I may sit and write poetry as Pablo Neruda did on early foggy mornings.

Pablo had a cottage beside the sea, but was terrified of being in the water. I think it great of him to put fear aside for a place that moved his heart in many ways. He wrote some of his best love poems there.

On another note, we have a yacht that we plan on restoring to its full beauty. I think it is 38 ft or somewhere close to it. Often, I imagine being aboard already, enjoying the water and all its surroundings.

The restoration is going to be a great learning experience. And I am sure, exciting. Just knowing that we restored our own yacht, redesigned the stateroom and so on, will make it much more appreciated. Unfortunately, it will not be even close to ready by the time our World Vin Cup event begins in Anguilla. Nonetheless, we will take as much free time as possible to prepare it.

That event is going to be extravagant. We go to Anguilla in December for a few days to meet up and polish plans. I look forward to it - yacht racing, great food, and even better company. What more could you want.

The best part? Exploring the islands, the culture, music, dancing, and the ocean! Oh, I cannot wait to experience the water and feel it smoothing itself against my skin.

The sea holds a place all its own within me - that will never change.

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