Thursday, March 08, 2012

Facts About Weight Loss

You do not need to hire a nutritionist, simply learn to eat the right foods.

1. Try eating foods with only 1 ingredient. (Fish, chicken, bacon, sweet potatoes, eggs, veggies and fruit.) Spice them up and keep your blood sugar at a safe level. There are so many useless things added to our foods nowadays, why worry about what they are. Preparing and eating one ingredient foods will keep you out of the dark and your blood sugar where it should be. Your body will burn fat.

2. Eat the right fats! Cook with olive oil--use it loyally and toss out all veg oils and canola. Stay away from margarine (cook with REAL butter) and non dairy creamers.

3. Stray from sugar and most carbs. Carbs you do not need are wheat, most cereals, rices and pasta. Instead of rice, eat Quinoa, Millet and this creative cauliflower idea!

4. No diet foods, Splenda, boxed or frozen entrees, or anything else of the sort! (Again, know exactly what you are putting into your body.)

5. Fill up on fruits and veggies, exercise (even if 10 minutes a day), and drink plenty of water.

You will be sure to feel the belly fat slip away as you look and feel better as a whole. Trust me, it is all about WHAT you eat.

You eat foods that will raise your sugar levels you body will kick in insulin and begin to store fat. Stay in the safe zone. When your levels rise, your levels will drop to a low that will have you fatigued and craving. What happens? The cycle begins again. Bottom line, watch what you eat and stay at a sugar level that will help you lose fat. In fact, some fats will do just that!

I am no expert and these are only opinions, but what have you got to lose? Get in the kitchen and prepare something healthy tonight. A suggestion: Grilled chicken, grilled zucchini and mushroom with a fresh garden salad. :)

Find out what is best for you and start on that road to a healthier you.

Good luck!


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