Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Heart to Heart


You know, sometimes there are songs in our lives that bring us back to simpler times. It is within this melody, that our eyes shine. :)

It seems to me that romance (in which I adore) does not always kiss the soul. Sometimes it is absent for some days. Sometimes, we take from granted that our loved ones know how much we care, so we simply forget all the right words. Or become to busy to speak them.

Sometimes that alone, crushes the tender heart.

Imagine walking in the rain... each droplet on the cheek idling as tears might beneath the lid. And when they finally fall, the mixture of wetness will conceal what we have come to know.

A pity really.

I love romance. I love love. I love smiles, hugs and kisses! SO MUCH! I hope I never lose my romanticism. I do not think I ever will. :) :) :)

Romance is a kiss to the hand, a sweetness that brushes the lip, a need, a sunny day in June... a sense of security in this sometimes harsh world.

Cher xo

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