Friday, June 10, 2005


Today was very busy. I had an IBPC meeting and various other things going on. Yesterday, I renovated the entire board:

and still our members are barely coming back. The entire EZboard hack has been horror. I am not whining, but I had a lot of hrs invested in it.

I did a lot of packing these last few days. It's amazing all the things you decide you don't need. I threw so much junk away. I must of packed 8 boxes just of poetry, medical and history books! I still have a whole closet full of books! I don't mind-I'm moving and happy about it all!

I will finish up my book stuff and get that out in the mail. I think this will be my best book yet! I have some connections in N.Y. and other places and will try to get some readings booked. I look forward to holding another book in my hand. Yes, I'm excited.

That is my photo. It is in third place for $1000.00! I'm pretty proud of it. I love photography and it is paying off. (I even had some people email me about buying a few.)Anyone who has not taken up the hobby of photography, should. It's one of the most gratifying things one can do. I remember Monterey & Carmel...spent the entire day on a secluded beach shooting. 'Sigh'.

Anyway, the lights just went on & off and who knows why. Perhaps there was an accident. I'm off.

4 comments to Cher:

ryan said...

the picture is lovely - a palm, bending, alone in the orange wind.

i hope you win, but i don't think that matters much - you are v talented.

and i am still   so   sorry for upsetting

you- (the margin of error is all week)

and lastweek, too lustrously dark and precise.

[ an apology of sorts, ]

indigence of it anyway
might wince the cover blown

my divvies my timidity behind my most
slow going genuine concealment
my well with

accept the purpose anyway
accept the coquetry

flowering nevermind
generally what to see
possibly unwashed socks
intermingling and over

his tree
humble calamity the
opposites direction her

wounds to make us feel
blood i never
knew you
* * * * *

and of course words--albeit my blood--could never express much


the board will recover - expect anything! you are really something ( meaning ) goodbye staggering load     you live   again.

v best-

ryan said...

o! & your book is going to be great! (i know this)

Billy Jones said...

Just wanted to let you know I listed your blog at I found you via: Erin

Cherilyn Ferroggiaro said...

Awww...grazie! Thank you both & thank you, Ryan for the lovely poem! xo


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