Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Today was busier than ever! I am not sure I even got much done. I am going to grab a cappuccino and write for a little bit, to relax. The Versifier is doing quite well- the mods and members are doing an outstanding job! I like not having to worry about it. Now I get other things done. I need to get the paper work done for my newest book! I have been putting it off- I need to get on the phone and get things taken care of.

This weekend I want to go shooting, I don't care where. I need it and have been slacking! Anyway, I'll write more later. Ciao!

1 comments to Cher:

pikey said...

you shoot guns?

i wouldnt have figured you to shoot guns. i learn something new every day. i will read more of this later, it will be interesting.


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