Tuesday, March 28, 2006

"...though a block away you feel distant the mere presence changes everything like a chemical dropped on paper and all thoughts disappear in a strange quiet excitement I am sure of nothing but this, intensified by breathing"
- O'Hara

4 comments to Cher:

ryan said...

Hey brat! remember once upon a time there was a lone policeman. Strictly speaking he was a fireman, but it's hardly worth mentioning. He just purchased some ice cream for himself and thought: well, I have some ice cream, I should eat it. And then he ate some of it. And as luck would have it, you ran by and he offered you some ice cream but instead he pushed it into your nose. And you shouted hey, I'm cold. And he shouted hey, I am cold too. Then I told you I would be right back because I was going to get you some hot chocolate, but instead I kidnapped Frank O'Hara and made him read this poem. And then the policeman walked back to his station, more exactly, back to his fire truck to go hose off some fires.

that was a fun day, yea? :-))

Cherilyn Ferroggiaro said...

Haha - you left out the part where the hot chocolate was too hot and you burned your toe. Not that I have any idea why your toe was exposed, but I stole some bandages as the fire truck drove off and wrapped them around your head. Not that I have any idea why your toe was exposed. ;)

Then 2 older ladies came by and asked what was wrong with you and you started to tell them - they lost interest after the first few sentences and one looked at the other and said, "It's always something, isn't it Marge?" Remember? :)

ryan said...

Of course Of course, I remember, of course, because one of the old ladies was, in fact, me, and the other was a tree. The tree was three children named fred. Anyway--the lone policeman had a red tongue and two knee caps. I will never forget that day you were cold the day you wanted ice cream.

Cherilyn Ferroggiaro said...

I never wanted ice-cream. He forced it on me...er..my nose. I wanted chocolate, but you said no! That is why I was walking ahead of you and you had a limp. Perhaps it is when you exposed your toe? I had to kick it, but then saw those knee caps and knew they were much better for the type of boots I had on. Perhaps that is why he pushed his ice cream onto my nose?

The tree named Fred was an illusion - it was really Neruda scoping for material. Only it wasn't him at all, because he passed on! It was his brother Fred and well, like I said, it wasn't a tree at all! :)


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