Monday, March 13, 2006

I had hoped to cross days - forget to return

When the shards of eve and excitement
were high as treetop pine, I gave in
to his mouth; it trembled slightly as
it brushed my breast.

Commend the slender boy, who dare climb
my tresses in joie de vivre, clothed in
silk suit - hung loosely in the night air.

Praise him, for he was clever.
He placed his thigh against mine,
warming me sweetly, fingers pressed to
lips as if to draw out the words he

longed to reveal. And with one quick kiss,
his flesh began to ache, it lifted with
each passing breath, but there was no time -

I knew I would/could not return.

"Be still, for my body might not take
mad moment,
another stroke -
I have grown tired, you move
me, radiohead, split me in two."

We slept beside each other and when the
lonely light of morning crept across his
cheek –
I had gone.

1 comments to Cher:

Lost Days said...

Shadowy breeze floats across senses,
whispering her existence,
while heart pounds out honesty,
soul drips with lifesaving need,
fantasy of the divine,
dream unlimited,
and then the shattering ring
of familiarity,
where practicality rips away all hope,

nonetheless, love's wings
shall not surrender...


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