Monday, March 13, 2006

Random thoughts

I am changing for the better I think. Everything that touches or passes me - seems utterly and perfectly beautiful. The sky, voices, words, letters, photographs, fruit, scents, and season. Oh, how I want to walk barefoot in the fields of flowers as they become fragrant in Spring.

I long for cotton dresses in subtle hues, scents of lavender on my wrist, and a sun that warms even the smallest of curl on the cheek. I am abundant with thoughts of a changing season. What I would not do for a garden of lily and rose.

And I plan to take time to pause each moment that I can. Seasons such as Spring pass much too quickly - I do not want to miss a thing.

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1 comments to Cher:

Lost Days said...

There is little more exhilarating,
little more refreshing and renewing,
and nothing more enjoyable in
this dull gray existence, than the
gold-flecked sparkle from your
fleeting glance, woven into
simplistic perfection with that
amazing sensual smile...


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