Friday, April 07, 2006

Creep in the comedian's eye

I was looking for a photograph on Google to go with Radiohead's "Creep' for something over at Live Digital and ran across a photo of this guy crossing the street. The title of this photo was, "Some Creep"— I had to giggle, but felt bad—here was this guy just stolling along and he gets tagged with a name, like 'Creep'...he had no idea.

Reminds me of some comedy show like Frasier (sp?) or Jerry Seinfeld. (Something they might say?) Shrug. I never got into either show until the re-runs began, I think. Well, I did see Jerry's last episode (or partly). I remember coming home from work and Fraiser was on... it was such a funny episode! Fell in love with it then and there. Not to be mean, but Jerry seemed like he could not act well or like he was on stage. I dunno. Rosanne acts the same way, I think, yea?

It is odd how some things make you laugh...

I wonder, "If I ever did a comedy show..." but I suppose it has all been pretty much done.

On a side note---I have got to give that Soup guy a try. (He has a real place in N.Y..)

Anyway, I hope everyone enjoys the week. Ciao.

2 comments to Cher:

Lost Days said...

It's funny how people can be so cruel without even a thought of their impact on someone else, no?

How often are such judgements made by those who feel their own inadequacies, and need to denegrate someone else to feel better about themself..

Your observation is both astute, and caring...

Cherilyn Ferroggiaro said...



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