Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Just a questionnaire I came across.

1. I am 5ft 7 inches

2. I hate big jewelry
3. I feel loved more than unloved

4. I love chocolate - mounds are my favorites
5. I like peanut butter & mayo sandwiches- wait,

not mayo (would be so sick) miracle whip :) Actually,
I rarely eat them, but thay are very good.
6. I love Yankee Candle Co.
7. I love the smell of fresh cut grass in summer
8. I love watching the clouds pass by
9. I believe everyone has a good side

10. I think everyone can be anything they'd like in life
11. I feel rushed 99% of the time

12. I hate messes
13. I miss my grandfather
14. I love hair products - esp Biolage
15. I make too many typos
16. I can rarely make up my mind. No I can.

No - I really cannot. Can I?
17. I have a huge shoe collection
18. I want a home beside the sea
19. I love flower gardens
20. I love to write poetry and prose
21. I like having people close to me
22. I love a good sense of humor
23. I dont wet the bed
24. I dislike liver and most fried foods
25. I like a guy with a tattoo
26. I love romance and spontaneity, like a kiss

or warm hug without warning
27. I believe you should be able to talk about

anything with your partner
28. I'm not afraid of needles
29. I dislike the scent of blood
30. I love Autumn
31. I enjoy neruda, petrarca, sullivan, noto, gordon, and sobin
32. I enjoy opera
33. My favorite book is The Mouse and the Motorcycle
34. I love salads with cottage cheese on top
35. I love San Francisco Music Box Co.
36. I dislike some super, tiny dogs with silly bows
37. I want my man to be my equal, nothing more,

nothing less
38. I read "Are you there, God? It's me, Margaret."
39. I am a good cook
40. I have no favorite color
41. I listen to ocean sounds on CD
42. I love Spring
43. I miss my familia

44. I do not like mean people
45.I love laughter
46. I like photography

47. It is hard for me to trust
48. I have never had short hair

49. My cats are named Michael & Christopher
50. Sometimes I speak without thinking
51. I do the wrong things a lot
52. I once broke my wrist hitting a palm tree
53. My favorite scents are coconut/lime & lavender
54. I love Neruda (again)
55. I am bad about keeping in touch
56. I let things get to me
57. I love Starbuck's Caramel Machiatto
58. I dislike people to chew gum open-mouthed
59. I dream about quiet things
60. I am afraid of losing people
61. I like to swim and crash waves
62. I used to be track captain in school
63. I used to cheer and did most student activities,

like student council etc
64. I love San Francisco. No - I LOVE San Francisco!

65. I miss someone right now
66. I dislike someone right now
67. I love lilies
68. I love N.Y. in the fall
69. I play keyboards
70. I have been published for photography and poetry
71. I sometimes dislike myself
72. I love the ocean air
73. I love chocolate milk, but cannot drink plain

white in a glass
74. I find I drag my feet
75. I like being outside
76. I have too many books I haven't read
77. I type with my left hand, but am right handed
78. I now realize what true friendship can be

79. I love the city
80. I dislike sugared gum
81. I wish I was better to myself

82. I own a telescope
83. I love going for drives
84. I love Godsmack to Darren Hayes
85. I love kickboxing
86. I'm easily pleased
87. I don't like people who scream
88. Looks do not matter
89. I dislike girls who dress sleezy
90. I love the colors of a sunset
91. I hate to dust
92. I have 1000 products in my bathroom
93. I have too many shampoos in the shower
94. I love tomato soup
95. I love to dance
96. I make my cats talk
97. My cats think I am nuts
98. I love to volunteer
99. My blood sugar is high and low at times
100. I like Baily's, but rarely drink
101. I love piano
102. I love rain storms
103. Age is just a number
104. I can be bratty
105. I could not live w/o q-tips

Looks fade. In 50 yrs from now - if I still look

lovely to my partner - he is the one for me.

4 comments to Cher:

Lost Days said...

102 reasons to fall in, if you only liked to dust! Oh, and in a thousand years, YOU will still be beautiful, for a beautiful heart shall ne'er die, nor fade!

ryan said...

what a coincidence, my name is ryan
wanna hear something strange?.. my best friend is named cherilyn. eerie, yea?

23. I dont wet the bed

ha. didn't realize this was only wish list.

I still love ya, even in those cute cute lil' diapers :)

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