Wednesday, April 19, 2006

how i

[ how i love you... ]

some moments, increasingly,
 all sorts of,
     in    a

(lungs) drowned in the little room
with tears a night field.

are can: to make unbearable
   wishing we are we can; and, any turn,
   any any turn, this here, the as grassy
 as quiet,
       the hours in the sea

the poem was cloud, an impossible sing

pulled under unseen being some
 moments wishing sitting together
have like, all sense
       pulled under flat, pulled under
    under, again, some moments, pulled

irrational, even irrational
    breathed windows, most
 a blush. whole thing     forgive (me)

again but your absence
suffocates      a lacey turned little
body putting my mind to room, silently

   hearing your eyes
in the photograph, at the ceiling
 even kissing you up to your chin

your hum is flung from a tuning for –
tulip in mis shapen dark, flickering after

inconsiderable morning. to the whirr of daft
up forced the nigh
     a little her to hand, the ah ah of room burst light
always i scream
       i imagine lips
    lips enough, lips touch
   candles your all      always i imagine
to eat out of your
    empty hands. of your mouth, quietly, wearil

to make you feel madly        could is i think
much, anyway, i stand very still.

i will unveil you, passively, in the breathing,
     come, a long pause

2 comments to Cher:

Cherilyn Ferroggiaro said...

Have loved this since I first read it. The abundance of quality in your work never ceases to amaze me, Ryan.

The voice, concrete, aware of its feelings, able to present them adequately to the reader -

allows philosophizing - leaving the reader lost in thought - portraying what he/she thinks might be the core of the piece.

I like that.

I think poetry should not be limited, not lie on some sort of boundary. Poetry for me should involve the reader, where he or she may find their own understanding, instead of a piece that is straight forward with no leeway for the reader to swim along.

Not sure if that makes sense - today is crazy for me.

Again, the content and flow, beautiful. I have no nits. Thank you for sharing this carefully thought out piece.


ryan said...

is also about being madly inlove, metaphorically speaking :-))


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