Monday, August 27, 2007

I fancy a bit of the past

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I wish I were a teen during the time of San Francisco's (to me) most fascinating time. I would have one of those nifty bikinis with the ring on the side of the hip, a VW van that was painted all sorts of groovy colors, and wear some of those dresses and boots, as well. Let's not forget the surf board hanging out of the back of that van! ;)

I imagine myself along the beach, giving funky little peace signs to all that pass. I would wear my hair as I do sometimes now, would be against war, and be all for love and peace. Not sure about the freedom as far as sexual activity, or drugs, but I do know that I would be happier in that period. I love so much about that time, from the poets, to the music.

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Last Gathering of the Beat Generation Poets and Artists, outside City Lights Bookstore, San Francisco, December 5, 1965
By Larry Keenan (born 1943)

Everything seemed so simpler then, but I doubt it was. The women were absolutely beautiful, the music, electric, psychedelic, and sometimes peaceful like the lovely song, "If you're going to San Francisco".

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Lifestyles change so quickly, as do fads like clothing. But have you noticed the clothes from that time have come back? My favorite outfit is a pair of Angel bell-bottoms, any shirt really, and my thick-heeled boots. I love my boots and have lost them in Carmel, and other places, but I always end up finding them. That is another story in itself! ;)

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