Wednesday, December 10, 2008

O Christmas Tree


We went out tonight, picked out a beautiful Christmas tree and set it up in its stand with water and such. Tomorrow we will decorate it! As soon as it is all done, I will post an image of it here to share.

Last night, Stefan and I went for a 2 hr walk around the neighborhood. We saw homes decorated so peacefully for the season, heard some that played music, and stopped to admire an entire home and alley strung with lights, music, antique snowmen, real animals and all other sorts of things. It was so sweet and inviting.

We kissed for a moment. I wanted to give him a very romantic one, but there were people coming and I had gotten a bit shy. After we left, I told him of what I had wanted to do,... he stated, "I wanted to dance with you." I smiled inside, held his arm tighter, and we walked on.


I remember thinking as we were almost home how I never wanted this night to end. I turned my eyes toward him without his knowledge and felt so much love inside, said nothing and turned toward our driveway.

I am utterly in love with my husband.

-Goodnight to you all. Sleep peacefully.

1 comments to Cher:

Savanah said...

We are all perfectionists about our Christmas lights and Christmas tree when it comes to decorating.


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