Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The joy in my life

This year has been beautiful as best friends, and now, as husband and wife. I feel so much love within for all that you are. Next year will be even more beautiful, because as it has been through the years, we will still be best friends, but will share our first 'entire' year as one.

My sweetness, you are love.

And with each moment we two share whether it be out shooting photographs, shopping, watching movies, cooking, laughing, tender moments and more, my heart glistens inside. I adore when you sing to me, or when you reach over just to touch my hand. I adore all that you are, my love, and would marry you a million times over without regret.

You are beautiful, sweet, sensual, brave, romantic, loving, intelligent, cultured, warm. funny, and you touch me in ways that no other has or ever could. ... you are a true man in each and every way. And I love how you sing to me, or sit me on your lap... how you always reach for my arm with your own when walking together and keep my hand warm within yours.

I love that cute little curl that sticks up in the mornings or the way the right corner of your mouth reveals a slight dimple when you smile. I adore your stories and laughter, the way you cook, and I adore the way we two make love... how you tell me how much you love me as you look into my eyes. I melt completely.

If I did anything right this year, I fell in love and married my very best friend. And to fall in real love is something we all dream of... I am one of the fortunate ones and am so grateful.

I had to experience falsehood, lies and sorrow to get to where I am with you. You were the one true thing in my life, because you always remained the same--standing beside me through all that, holding my hand, drying my tears and most importantly, never ceasing to love me with all your heart. Thank you for how you are, baby. Thank you for believing in me.

Ti amo!

Your wife, Cher

From my sweet husband before we married :) :

"Oh My Sweet, my Sweet,

I listened to sleep for awhile, oh you are my Heaven, my Hopes and My Dreams. Oh my Sweet, how I love so. I went to your Mojo and listened to your music. I see how we love the same variety of music, I see you in everything. I am sooooooo in love with you.

I smiled from inside to every pore of my flesh when I listened to your sleeping breathe and Secret Garden. We are so similar, and I know beyond a shadow of doubt we are twin souls, twin souls seeking all we are together. My Baby, I love you more than I love my breath.

Secret Garden is one of my all time faves, it reaches deep within me and pulls hard at my heart strings, oh Honey, thank you for letting me into your Secret Garden. I am feeling you so much right now. I imagine you sleeping and I looking down upon you as a wraith, watching over you, loving you with all I am, protecting your heart, living for the moment you awaken knowing I am with you there in heart. I feel your smile upon my soul, I feel your love across the abyss of time and oceans of space.

I only wish I could tell you in words not yet written how much I love you. You are permeating my space, my mind, my existence, I am surrounded by your heart and feel safe... I am loved by the most incredible woman breathing... how awesome is that?

I promise to love you as much as I do this moment, always. I want to build our lives together and to give my all to you. I promise to love you until my breath fades into the unknown. I must touch you... I so desire it, I so want you.

Cher, my Sweet Cher, my Love, my Breath, my Reason for tomorrow... I love you, Baby, Baby, Baby, oh my God, Baby... I am so in love, I am smitten, I am crazy for you, I want to wrap your presence around me and walk in the Light of Joy, the Joy I feel right now, every day, every moment....Every everything. Oh Baby...



:))))))))) He is all that I am and more.

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Stefan said...

The Best of Years...
they are here. The time we have spent together as friends only has been most memorable, laughing, talking for hours and sharing our joys and our sadness.

On August 30, 2008 our worlds became one and delivered to me one of the best of years I have known. Not only now are we closer friends, we are joined as one voice, one resolution, one heart and all that eternal oneness proffers.

We look forward to our future, new discoveries, new explorations and new goals to accomplish. Although each year will have its extraordinary moments from here forward, none will compare to the moment we stood face to face in that magnificently lit city, Las Vegas and said those two smile and joy invoking words, "I do."

As I read your words, I am still awe-struck that such love is available to a man such as myself. I am truly a blessed man, and not in the sense of religious beliefs, but rather in the sense of being fortunate beyond measure.

I wish for you the best of the new year forthcoming and hope that you will know my love for you runs as deep as the ocean crevices, where magma reaches the ocean floor.

Eternal and true,


Anonymous said...

S&C, you 2 are an inspiration to us all. Happy 2009!!!!! :-)


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