Saturday, December 13, 2008

Together, we are beautiful


Here is the 1st photograph from our tree. :)

Luci e colori del Natale...

Stefan and I went out and bought some beautiful decorations and lights. We went to A.C. Moore and bought some Christmas ribbon, as well. I could not believe what beautiful glass ornaments we saw--some Waterford ones were absolutely precious.

Afterward, we came home and began stringing the lights... holiday music filling the air, kissing our cheeks with the joy of having each other. We sang, danced arm in arm and kissed. It took me back to something he said the other night, " Isn't is nice to spend the holidays with someone?" Yes, my love, it really is. I am not sure how I answered, but I recall feeling loved beyond measure.

(I think it was about 2 am when we finished all we needed to do.) :)

Stefan was so sweet as his eyes sparkled within our first Christmas together. They made my heart smile more than it ever has. His love for me is more than I could have ever dreamed,... it completes me.

After all was done, I fell asleep in his arms--the tree, lighting up the room softly.

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