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The city:

* Population: 18,670,000
* Shanghai was the most vibrant and cosmopolitan city in China.
* It's a sophisticated and fashionable cultural center.
* It's relatively young city full of energy and glamour.
* Shanghai is becoming the dominant destination in Asia for business and leisure.
* Shanghai is the commercial center of China.
* It is a multi-cultural metropolis with both modern and traditional Chinese features.

Shanghai - "Situated on the estuary of Yangtze River, Shanghai is the largest industrial city in China. Covering an area of 5,800 square kilometers and with a population of 18.7 million, it’s one of the most crowded urban areas of the world. Shanghai is a world attraction because it serves as the largest base of Chinese industrial technology, the important seaport and China’s largest commercial and financial center.


Previously known as the “Paris of the East” and now calls itself “the Pearl of the Orient”. Shanghai is the commercial center of China and has one of the most dynamic skylines in the world. It was the most vibrant and cosmopolitan city in China and today this international metropolis is undergoing an urban revival and regaining its status as a sophisticated and fashionable cultural center."

(The Bund - The Bund is the financial district of Shanghai. It’s made up of a number of older buildings constructed by foreigners between 1840 to 1930.)

Stefan and I are going to travel there. I feel the strong urge to bask in the city's smog, eat good food and simply enjoy the enormous city beside the sea (it is like San Francisco x'7).


(Above is an image of Chinese pizza.)

I have been reading a lot on Shanghai lately and I just know that it is somewhere I would love to visit. I would love to take my camera out and take photographs of all it has to offer. :)

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