Sunday, August 02, 2009

A Walk Through Winter

(An image I shot in Rhode Island)

Looking back (and dreaming of much cooler weather), I have to wonder what ever brought me to the state of R.I. I know my sister had just died and my heart felt extremely lost. But what I think really held me was the sea. The entire time I was there, I combed the beaches for sea glass, or simply sat and adored the scents and sounds that only the sea can bring forth.

(I miss my sister. For those who never knew, she was hit and killed by a truck as she stopped her car and stepped out. She went to rescue a pup who had just been hit by a car.)

(Moving on to prevent any sadness tonight.)

You know, I was 30 minutes from Boston, and although I told myself I would venture there for photographs, I never did go. I recall how much I wanted to go there when i was around 19. (I even named a black kitten I had found, "Boston").

(This is all randomness tonight.)

I guess I really do not have a lot to say at the moment. The weekend was peaceful--no getting lost in New Jersey, no working in the rain, and no long hours. No nothing. Just a simple weekend of cleaning and messing around. Did I use this weekend to catch up on email, messages, photos, poetry, or even to catch up on sleep? No. :)


p.s. a few things to mention quickly now that I think of it:

We are going to the 2009 Emmys. We will have a suite there. If you are an artist or designer and would like more information, please contact Emerging Magazine.

Also, AeroNautica International is accepting applications. Please see our website.


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