Sunday, August 30, 2009

Not just another day

Well, we did go back to Philadelphia yesterday. After we left the city, we went to Cape May. It is a seaside paradise. We spent the night there and went to the Wildwoods this morning.

All in all, we had a fun time this past week. Even though we actually had to go to Philadelphia for a project, in-between those times, we spent time together, not on a vacation, but just "because". To me, that alone is beautiful. I would have just taken his warm hand in mine. Instead, I received so much more.

Today is our wedding anniversary.

We never had time for a honeymoon. As soon as we were married, he had an Emmy Award event in Los Angeles and I headed to the east for some previous commitments. We finally joined together after 3 long months. During those months we spent practically every waking hour on the phone. He kept his phone in his pocket and me on speaker. I held my phone close to my heart, until we were together once more.

We fell asleep to the sounds of breathing, he sang to me on stage, mobile to mobile in front of a crowd. He said, "This song is for my wife." The room cheered as I cried silently for my husband's hand in mine. Poetry spilled onto the pages of blogs, photographs and in letters. No matter how far apart we were, we always caught the other if one would fall. We never lost our faith in love.

It was very hard for us to be apart, but we remained strong through it all.

As I stated, today is our wedding anniversary. I love my husband with all my heart and would marry him 10xs over. He is my best friend, without him I would be just "Cher".

Together we are, "Stefan and Cher". That is how we stand--
together we are beautiful.

Happy Anniversary, my love. Ti amo.


p.s. we came home to a package on the door. It was a delicious SugarPlums BerriLicious Cake from our friends at SugarPlums! We did not hesitate to sample a piece or two. It tasted so wonderful! A huge "thank you" to them! With that, a gift being designed by Gordana Gehlhausen of Project Runway for our anniversary, the Ellen Show and more, we feel so blessed.

The blessing of having each other is the biggest blessing of all.

3 comments to Cher:

Anonymous said...

...happy anniversary to the both of you. You deserve all the happiness you two share, and all that much more in the years to come. I am so very glad that you finally found the happiness that you so longed for kitten, it was hiding from you for way too long. Again, congratulations Cher and Stefan on the first year, and may the good Lord bless me to witness your forever.

Cherilyn Ferroggiaro said...

Thank you for your warm words. It is nice to be married to one's best friend--he is an amazing person through-out. :)

A big hug,

Stefan said...

No regrets here, just securing another day in the sun. Awaiting the breath of tomorrow, relishing and cherishing the moment that is.

I love you with all my heart... Always.

My wife, my friend, my Love.



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